Clutch won't disengage

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by lotuseater666, Jun 20, 2016.

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    I've had my bike for a few months now. Up until the last week it was running great, and I was riding it to work 4x a week. Last week the drivetrain chain started squeaking, so I figured I'd lube the chain when I got home from work and things would be all good. On the way home, it stopped idling when the bike was at a standstill, but still idled when it was moving. I opened it up and greased the bucking bar really well and lubed the chain. That fixed the problem for five minutes, and then slowly the chain would start to stick until the clutch wouldn't disengage at all. I adjusted the clutch cable, which also fixed the problem for about five minutes. I'm now quite confused about what's wrong, as it seems like I've had it fixed twice now and then the problem starts up again. As of now, the clutch is stuck engaged, and I can hear the engine trying to turn over when I rotate the back tire. Any clue what could be wrong here?

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    The bucking bar can mushroom at the ends just file it. or try adjusting the clutch. the spring in the clutch behind the flower nut can get stuck and won't push the clutch apart /disengage
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    instead of listening, you should open both covers and watch what moves when you pull clutch lever - look for loose nuts holding ends of shaft or worn cam at base of clutch arm

    something like this *should* be easy to spot
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    Pull your clutch plate off and look at your clutch pads while you are in there.