clutch wont engage

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    while riding my bike i went to engage the clutch, and it made a clunking noise:shock: then the engine died out. I restarted the engine and started pedaling up to speed, i engaged the clutch and nada. so i shut the engine off and pedaled home. any ideas:-/ please ? one thing I remembered was that i had made an adjust to the idle earlier the day this happened. could that have somehow done something to it
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  2. Mountainman

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    Sounds like something broke loose. Is it engaging from outside the case ? Can you push the throw arm to the clutch connected to the outside of the case ? Hope that it's something external - or may be time to open up and inspect your clutch. Happy Riding from - Mountainman

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    it moves by the cable, and the arm moves will move by hand also. I was thinking maybe i needed to add some lucas gear oil to it. Cause i 'm seeing alot about inproper lubrication issues. I dunno maybe thats the cause. would be sweet if that is all it needs.
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    i added the lucas gear oil & stop leak to the gearbox about 3 to 4 mm. i also lowered my idle and adjusted the air/fuel knob. clutch will engage now but seems sluggish, IS this because of the gear oil? or is there some other adjustment i need to do?