Clutch Clutch won't re-engage/disengage after starting engine


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Feb 7, 2017
Hey, sorry I'm not sure weather pulling the clutch in is dis engaging or engaging, but I have a problem with my little two stroke engine on my bike, the clutch will start the motor and disengage it when you (with lots of pressure on the brakes) stop. But as you are riding and try to pull in the clutch the engine sounds like it rev's up (so in fear of damaging it I stop)
I really need help because the heat from the friction of the consistent braking has popped 3 of my tires so I need to have a working clutch to take the stress of them
Hope someone out there knows how to help me, Thanks :)


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Jun 24, 2016
Well for starters I don't think the tires are related to the clutch at all. Could be wrong but honestly I don't think so.

Pulling the clutch is called disengaged, as in the motor is not engaging (or acting upon) the rear wheel.

Now here's the part I'm wondering, you say it isn't disengaging when you squeeze it? If it's reving up after you squeeze it then it probably is. So I'm asking are you trying to lower the engine rpms by first braking and then clutching? I get that, if it lowers and then stays low then it might be slightly too lean or maybe a cable is sticking. If it doesn't stay in a low idle then it might be too lean or it might have an air leak. Could be that you have a plug that's burning too hot if you can slow the rpm down and keep it there normally, if it's too hot I notice it tends to hang onto the rpms till it cools a little.


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Jul 23, 2012
you probably need to read some threads on how to adjust clutch and cable, but if it is also hard to pull, then you may have used zipties on the cable which is bad - cable should be free to swing and bend a bit when it needs to

when you get clutch working, it will be easy to adjust idle speed down
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Dec 13, 2015
Got to lay off the throttle when you clutch it or yes it will rev up drasticly, pop your tires sounds serious I would invest in solid rubber tires man before you have blow out high speeds.