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  1. cranker789

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    Any tips on getting the clutch easier to pull? My clutch takes a lot of effort to squeeze and gets my hand sore, is there a way to make it easier to pull?

    Thanks, Colin.

  2. KenM

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    Hi Colin, if you are using the smal spring that goes on the clutch cable, it's job is nothing but to make the clutch harder to pull in. Take it out, you do not need it.
    Also check to make sure the cable is not binding anywhere .
    No tight bends. Hope this helps. Keep looking up! Ken.
  3. bakaneko

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    Its purpose is to strengthen your left hand grip... o_O
  4. skyash

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    So is playing with your self. Sorry had to
  5. HeadSmess

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    ha ha.

    there is a nut, that loads a spring on the clutch shaft, that does control the tension on the clutch. its possible to get to it by removing the bolt that holds the outer casing of the cable in place, and poking a screwdriver down takes some skill, and then you run the risk of loosening it so much the clutch slips.

    theres little pulleys available to reroute the cable, etc, but ive never had any long are you holding the clutch in for? doesnt your lever lock or did the pin fall out?
  6. crassius

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    both, longer clutch arms for the drive cover and longer clutch levers for the handlebars are available, but making the cable run nice & loose should be enough
  7. cranker789

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    I removed the spring on the clutch cable right above the engine and it made a huge difference, it's much easier to pull the clutch now and makes for a much smoother ride! Thanks guys
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  8. Neufcruz

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    Haven't gotten to installing clutch cables. Too many otter issue so hurdle 1st but just pushing in the clutch arm by hand is very hard and an imagine it is a bi+€# to pull in as well.