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    About clutches

    Hi to all,
    This is all on a Chinese 2 stroke
    I have read and searched for long enough.
    Can some one tell me,,1) How to get the clutch pressure plate off ( the one with the teeth)???
    2) Does this plate have its own bearing in it's centre Joining it to the sprocket that has the 3 pins ???

    My clutch plate is now very loose and makes noise especially when coming down a hill. This all started from a long story that I won't go into as yet.

    Please help
    Thanks Gilbert...........

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    I got some good tips here when I tightened mine up.
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    I'm talking about the pressure plate

    Hi Mark thanks for your reply, but I'm talking about the pressure plate Your talking about the cover on the out side this you can tighten I know, but the pressure plate the one with the teeth on it. It wobbles and vibrates more than normal after it got jammed with a piece of metal, that was floating in the cast casing.
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    When I refer to pressure plate I'm talking about the one with teeth on it.
    With HT 2 stroke motors, Does any one know if the center of the pressure plate has some sort of bearing it rides on????????????

    does any one know how to remove the pressure plate???????????

    Thanks Gilbert
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    Go back to that web page and on the left klik on the link that say's Instructions.
    Scroll down till you see a picture of this black "Screw Tool".
    You need that tool to get the plate off.

    All the Best

  6. i think the part you are referring to is the flywheel. the pressure plate is the part that disengages from the clutch material when you pull the lever.

    anyway, my Dax 65 has the same noise, and i have no idea how to pull the flywheel to check the bearings. I have the "screw tool", but the nut in the center will not come loose, the nut on sprocket side keeps coming undone 1st. wondering if there is a way to safely hold the sprocket and undoing the nut at the same time? will be following this.
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    Well, before you all go any further, my suspicion is lack of grease inside that clutch shaft housing.
    How to get sufficiant grease in there between those 2 bearings is to use the hole where the clutch cable holder goes, underneath beside the carby on the rear right side of engine.
    Remove that cable holder, poke a penlight torch in the hole, and you might see a large spring. Fill that hole with oil first to test the noise level, rotate the engine and see if it makes a differrant sound.
    My bet is, lack of lubrication. I'm tempted to go get a grease nipple, a grease gun and plaster it with grease till kngdom come.
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  8. wow, that is actually a pretty good idea.. hmm. would the grease squirt out of the gap between the flywheel and the 3 pronged pressure plate holder (there has to be a technical name for that piece?) and onto the clutch pads? or is there a bearing in there some place to block that? bet that would make for some slippage. but if you attempt, please document.
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    I am taking a old 70cc apart in my spare time, and this is simply the story as it unfolds.
    The way I read it, I assume there IS a perfectly built HT, but the original manufacturers and the original blueprints are sumwhere, maybe not Chinese, These engines might be copies of an original from a by gone era.

    In that shaft housing is a a large strong spring and it turns the same time as the shaft turns.
    What I find is brilliant by design, the srpring as it rotates acts as a worm driven lubricator for the bearings,maybe.
    It also seems to be a tight fit between the walls of the housing, hence the noise if lack of grease ? !

    I would imagine then, to "service" the engine periodicaly, a grease gun nipple may have had to be inserted, greased up, then rotate the engine with the hole unplugged.
    This would allow excess grease to escape, therefore not getting past the sealed bearing. I'm not sure though if grease will reach the actual bearings if they are sealed. Some might seap through as the engine heats up.
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  10. how did you get this nut off? i cant get a screwdriver to hold the small output gear (with the GIANT flathead slot) on the other side. without it slipping, and i would prefer not to strip it. i was actually thinking of just buying another dax kit so i could dissect/rebuild and have spare parts.

    also, how did you loosen the flywheel nut? as stated before, i can get the sprocket side undone, but cant figure out what to grab onto to loosen the flywheel side.

    do you happen to have pictures?

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    It's the only nut I have not yet removed cos it slips on me to.
    I will have to make a special tool and will let you know.
    "Special Tools" in this household are shaped with blowtorch and hammer, Bench Grinder, Angle Grinder and Power Drill.
    If all fails, Hammer and Chisel.
    Tip, those thin spanners they use on bike axles,they cost here about $18.00 a set.
    They cost me 50 cents-$1.00 cents at garage sales or op shops.
    I grind them thin till they fit. Always dip spanners in water if grinding, you don't want the hardening to unharden as they blue due to heat.

    With a socket that fits. If the socket is too think on the outside, grind all around. Then grab the 3 prongs with a multi-grip or better a vice-grip plyers.

    No. Try imagination till I pay my traffic fines, then I'll get a camera.

    The picture you have shown, I used a socket and a right-angle socket bar, and held the piston. Place a mark on the magnet which way it was on. I think this is very important.
    But the sprocket, you need that special tool .
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    I have greased

    Thank you to every one who replied,
    Ok it's a bit like this I did post a thread earlier called about clutches. I only had one reply to this. My motor has not slowly got noisy over time,,,,it has only done about 30 klm. The story is== My motor was nice and quiet run like a dream. I was riding it one day and all of a sudden it revved like I had pulled the clutch in or a car knocked into neutral. This lasted for about 5 seconds it then jumped back into gear. I pulled over checked chain and every think and all was good. So I rode off and about 30 meters down the road the back wheel locked up. I pulled the clutch in and peddled it home. When I got home I released the clutch and rocked the bike backwards and forwards this freed up what ever was locking things up. I started the bike it runs but has a lot more noise coming from the clutch. I took off the cast covering and found what appeared to be a woodruff key well most of one. I can not find any where this key has come from. The vendor thinks it may have been left in the motor when made. I think that this piece got stuck in the teeth of the fly wheel and the other smaller drive gear and that is why the back wheel locked up. BUT now the fly wheel// pressure plate wobbles and vibrates a lot and makes a **** more noise than it use to. That's why I want to take the fly wheel off and check out the bearings and the fly wheel it self. The vendor has said that he will send me a new clutch. I have to wait and see!!
    Thanks Gilbert........
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    What web page??

    Yes I know you have to use that tool,, but what I do want to know is what web page you are on about???
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    The web page where motoredhobart directed you to, klik where it says "here". That's the URL link
    Thanks motorh.

    But ask your supplier to send you the special pully tool, he'd have them in stock and without it you won't be able to fix it.