cluth lever breaking

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    all motors ive worked with the clutch lever pin, in the cover housing breaks. the result is the lever dislodges itself with MASSIVE complications!!! ive managed a quick fix remedy for this. replace the top right housing cover bolt with a longere one,then an "L" bracket and attatch with nut n spring washer. has anyone else come across the same problem?

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    Welcome to MBc, Ruzz. Nice idea, and Valid question...unfortunately you are in the wrong place. It is the place where you start. This Forum is for introducing yourself to the general population. Once you have said 'Hello', and told us something about yourself, move over to the proper Forum to ask your questions, or make your comments, etc. Consider this as a time this could get you banned...Okay? This is merely part of the rules (we are very BIG on rules!) which you should have read at the beginning part of this Forum. Please read them all! And, everything else. And all should be just fine. Now, enjoy.
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