CNC Velocity Stack


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1:45 PM
Oct 21, 2021
Hello fellow motor-heads! LOL! This is more of a report, than anything else. I have two motor bicycles, my Huffy that I'm going crazy on, and my Kent that is mostly stock, bike and engine kit. So a little while back I purchased a CNC velocity stack for the NT carb (from Now that I've run it a little bit on the Kent (Seachange frame), I thought I should say something about it.
Firstly (and maybe most importantly), I CANNOT say that this little shiny jewel makes the engine (standard Zeda 80) run any faster than without it.
Secondly, I CAN say that there is a change in the tone of the engine. The tone is a smoother, deeper sound and not so raspy as without it.
Lastly, it SEEMS to respond to the throttle better than without it.

Those are my observations of the CNC Velocity Stack on a stock NT carb. I hope that's helpful to somebody that's thinking about spending their hard earned milk money. LOL!