cns carb fuel return line?

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  1. Im installing a sbp shifter on my bike and im using a cns carb ,problem is what looks like a fuel return line, or something that goes from the top of carb to bottom on other side of carb. The bottom fitting coming out of carb almost hits the sbp engine side plate. I would have to notch plate to clear line,but instead i gently tapped and bent with a rubber mallet so it would face up words,only to see that it had a hair line crack in it now.....****. Can i just plug this thing or do i have to fix it? Anyone know what it does? I took apart carb and it goes to a tube that goes up into carb so it would leak without having a line or plugged. Thanks

  2. Most probably a vent tube or a overflow tube.
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    You can delete it. Its just an overflow.
  4. Great! Thanks I think it looks like **** anyway.
  5. I soldered the long tube going up inside carb that attaches to the outside return line,i hope this is ok...guess ill find out
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    let us know how that works- i wanted to do that too cause the extra tube looks bad
  7. Gonna be awhile before i can test it to see if it works,still gotta finish building then take back apart for paint/powder coat.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Its for motors running an external fuel pump.
  9. So I didn't need to solder it?Cool I got alittle worried after looking inside of carb more and it looked like the tube went to a jet of some kind. Thanks