Carby CNS Carb Pursuit

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by nashy10, Aug 11, 2015.

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    So after lots of rejetting and changing pipes and rejetting again and breaking stock carbs, I've broken my speed carb. I loved the speed carb, worked perfectly, but ive had this CNS laying around forever, and I really want to get it working to 100%

    I came across a cone style air filter for it and it seems to like it, I have also ordered a jet kit as it is obviously necessary. I have shaved the throttle barrel bottom for smoother idle. I have a very important question, i have tinkered around with the float height of the carb a long time ago and currently it does not overflow but it also bogs on full throttle, and although this is most likely jetting related i feel it is also float height related, and I need the measurement of the CNS float height from base of gasket meeting surface to the top or however it is measured for these carbs, its just killing me knowing its not set properly.

    Out of the box, it was pouring fuel. Id appreciate if someone could give me some specs to get it running properly, mostly the float height.