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    SO I bought the CNS Carb but after recicveing I realized i dont have enough clearance for it in the frame. Plus I started doing some more rresearch and the outlook isn't good. Does any one have any thoughts?

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    Just installed mine, haven't fired it up yet. I have the jack shaft which tends to push the motor out from the seat post. That being said I still needed to add a 1/4 spacer to the top "mostly for chain tension and to make the bottom mount tight to the frame". But it did help with clearance.

    It was still very close at that point. The air filter was 1/8" from the frame. I learned my lesson with the sick bike air filter "that's to close". So I cut part of the rubber boot that attaches to the carb "about 1/4". It appears to be a little long and doesn't allow the air filter to rest tight against the carb. So you can get about a 1/4 from trimming that part and likely end up with a better seal.

    Other then that, I've read that some people will make a 90 to attach the carb/air filter. Which should give you clearance, although does get in the way sometimes with pedaling.
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    Had to add another motor mount to rear.
    Seemed to do the trick untill I hooked up the expantion chamber.
    At that point had to do readjusting as tire was hitting pipe.
    All said and done it is good.
    Carb works well. Better than stock.
    Pipe a bit loud. But the power is great.
    This added to the porting gave me a machine I am really happy with..
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    I've been playing with mine most of the day "had to wait a day for the silicon to dry, it was leaking bad around the intake". And it's finally running nice, gained some bottom and top end. Throttle seems more responsive, choke works too well. I'll need to figure something out there, for starting it up "1 notch cuts the air off completely right now" which makes starting it up cold more difficult.

    Liking it a lot so far, with exception to the super choke.

    Here's a good read on adjusting it, also to see if your jet is the correct size.
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