CNS Carburetor for Motorized Bicycles

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by akillerbluesky, Jul 12, 2008.

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    There is no reason why it shouldn't work with a boost bottle. The CNS carb have proper mixture screw and idle screw.

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    what how will the new carb respond compared to my new one? will there be much of a difference.
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    I can't say for sure, having never tried one, but I would say that it would certainly be easier to tune, which would mean more power if tuned properly. It may well have a larger venturi and jet witch will increase top end performance.

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    can we find it to another site for buying it cause the cost it high,
  6. I ran a CNS carb on my bike for over a year. It makes your intake slightly louder and significantly increases low-end torque. The handlebar choke adjustment is nice, too. The carb vent tube on the CNS will leak fuel now and then, however. The CNS is also significantly longer than the stock carb, which could cause a problem fitting it into your frame.


    I removed my CNS 2 weeks ago, however. I began noticing a huge increase in fuel usage and one day I looked down to see that the carb vent tube was pouring fuel out. I made it home and slapped a spare stock carb on. I miss the extra low-end torque (and serious looks), but there is nothing wrong with the stock carb, IMHO. It's midrange and high-end are just as good as the CNS.
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    what is the main jet size into the CNS carb does its the same as the one of the stock carb?
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    Is it worth $50?
    Did you fix it? Defect in the design?
    Better mileage?
    I could use a little more low end torque.