CNS Race carb update

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  1. Just installed a CNS race carb that thing runs like a MOTHER RAPER.
    Pulls HARD uphill makes me wanna slow down downhill, Put the carb and was not to happy. SO I took the carb off and did a thorough cleaning of the carb. Comes from the factory dirty, gunked up and contaminated. It ran great after that BUT I wanted more. I move the c clip down one for more fuel and then port matched the exhaust and that beast runs like a mother raper on the run! Also replaced the intake with the aluminum one.. Pics and video coming soon! Its midnight and dont wanna **** the neighbors..
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    Has anyone got any tweaking tips, tricks or ideas for the V2? Got one I feel like beefing up as much as possible. :detective:
  3. Have you deep cleaned the carb? The epoxy glue that holds the idle and air/fuel mix gets all over the place, making it impossible to set or tune.
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    Nope, haven't done anything to it to be honest. Other then bogging between 12-16 mph it runs like a madman. I have taken it to 37 mph and was still accelerating. I didn't feel any faster would do much. I am looking to modify my bike for low end hill climbing while keeping the 44t sprocket so I can go 35mph when I want.
  5. K&N filter

    Huge difference in sound a bit snappier on the bottom end! Pipe coming soon!

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  6. Mini pocket bike pipe

    Mini pocket bike pipe...

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  7. Sounds awesome and runs like a beast! RPM are thru the roof! Hope it doesn't blow up!!!!:ee2k:
  8. Broken Carb!


    Way too heavy and way too much vibration for the little weak fragile flange!

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  9. Old But Sexxy Speed Carb

    Old But Sexxy Speed Carb

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  12. Speed Carb Run vs CNS Carb

    Speed carb is easy to tune but not enough volume for tuned pipe.
    CNS carb.. PITA to tune, but Fast. Lots of bottom end and keeps going on the top-end.

    I just dont get the top end rpm and speed like the CNS Carb..
    The speed carb is a slower carb.

    Uphill video
  13. homemade header

    homemade header

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