Carby CNS v2 Carb Tuning - w/casualty

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by lazydog, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. lazydog

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    Well I got it written with pics. Put my bike back together went out for a ride and well... The worst happens! "CLINK" "RATTLE" the carb falls off. About 7 miles from home. Amazingly I was able to ride it it home with very little loss in performance, nothing more then 2 zip ties lol. walking again... dammmmm pics below - moral is "Never leave home without zip ties and duct tape"

    anyone with an extra CNS v2 they can sell cheap?

    Admittedly I never used the plug color tuning guides never have not even my dirt bikes nothing, I've always went on sound and feel. dont get so hung up because you read something that says _______ if it runs great and sounds good (with'in reason of course) how can it be wrong.

    Anyways disappointingly here it is hope it can help someone. v2 adjusting tech sheet.doc

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  2. Dakman

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    whats going on with your clutch lever ?
  3. lazydog

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    Just extended and angled for more leverage and straighter linear pull, it's super easy and smooth now.

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  4. tn97kouki

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    You didn't have to drill the jet to get it running well ? I finally have mine doing pretty good . I drilled the jet a couple sizes larger and have tweaked practically ever adjustment 12,000 times . It's not perfect but is is a big improvement .
  5. lazydog

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    No, everyone I've seen so far seem to have way too much fuel flowing by factory setting. My air/fuel is only about a 3/4 turn.
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    12,000 and still tweaking :p
  7. tn97kouki

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    Never give up! lol