Coaster brake failure, see tomorrow for pictures....

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RMWdave, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. RMWdave

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    well tonight on my way home at a cruising speed of approx 40kmh the coaster brake arm decided to wander into the sprocket bolt heads and twist around into a mangled tire smoking halt. My back wheel is totally trashed.... when i got off to inspect damages and think about a repair i noticed the axle was bent, the dropout is also bent back and up. and the brake arm is a mess.... it can probley be made ridable again with just a new wheel...

    But since my job is wonderful and i work with a wonderful ******* of a so called supervisor whos 4 years younger than i am (and of course is a professional equipment operator you know) goes SO well that i get to go home 8 hours early every night i was already having a **** night to begin with. 2 front end loaders dead at his hands in 4 hours. Im not sure if hes an idiot, or just doesnt want to work. or thinks perhaps he knows how to work..... i dont know anymore.... its beyond me now.

    Anyway.... i get paid tomorrow i think im going to go and drop $400 odd dollars on a new mountain bike..... ffs... pictures tomorrow as promised.


  2. give me vtec

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    did you end up going with the wal-mart bike?
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  3. RMWdave

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    no i had chosen the upgraded canadian tire model.... of course it was a cheap cruiser
  4. give me vtec

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    that is why I insist on a quality bike... you need something to hold up to the abuse. Cause its gonna get it.
  5. azbill

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    get some v-brakes at least...never have that problem again :cool2:
  6. RMWdave

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    im going to put a coasterless wheel on it and a set of sidepull u brakes to make it ridable again and sell it off.... too many headaches so far (albeit great fun to ride....)
    im going to a pushtrailer, i just need the reliability for my work travels... ill use pedal power in town so i dont raise a stink with the opp.... :( sad night. its so fubar i even left it sitting on the front deck.
  7. give me vtec

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    why dont you check out the GEBE kits. The robin/subaru 35cc is super smooth/quiet/reliable/efficient. Highly recommended... great quality with little to none of the mechanical headaches associated with the 2 stroke 80cc.
  8. RMWdave

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    meh i just checked them out i wasnt aware of there simplicity lol

    not fast enough for me to consider spending $600+ as an "upgrade" sure, if i needed MB'ing in a city environment its a great investment however, i have a 12km straight line trek on level ground commute through the countryside field grid of eastern ontario. For $400 i could build a brand new solid pusher, professionally welded... and i still have a nice bike as a bike to do the small errands around town here.

    good idea. when i move into the city again ill probley do just that
  9. bamabikeguy

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    Hey RMWdave,

    Hope you don't mind, I clipped part of this, added it to the "Coaster Brake Horror Story" thread.

    If you get pictures, maybe you could add them in that CBHS thread too? Just trying to spread the message before folks make their major purchase decisions !

  10. HoughMade

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    While the brake arm was involved, I'm not entirely sure this can be blamed on any inherent problem with coaster brake hubs. As I have said in the past, I do not use the coaster for primary braking, and there are certainly issues with coasters, but the brake contacting the sprocket bolts can be avoided.
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  11. RMWdave

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    you just shouldnt use one period houghmade. i thoight so myself, but space is honestly crowded back there with the coaster arm in the way.