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    I had a coaster brake bike and was cruising along nicely when it started acting up. i took it apart and found the bearings all broken and ripped to pieces. i was wondering if anyone else had similar problems and how they fixed it or even how to swap out the coaster brake for a freestyle type. this needs to be at a minimum cost. but does anyone think that the coaster off a similar bike could work?

  2. Esteban

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    Here is a summary & repair guide to coaster brakes. It is easy to just change the wheel out, too. Coaster brakes will get pretty hot when trying to stop a powered bike at high speed. You can add a front hand brake to assist, or some have added front & rear , & still kept coaster brakes.
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    I have a coaster brake and like it- I would rebuild it with quality bearings and plenty of grease and make repacking the grease part of your routine every so often. No reason to ditch a coaster hub.
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    Maybe I confused you, when I said you could easily change the wheel out. I meant change it out for ANOTHER wheel with coaster brake, rather than rebuild yours.

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    ok, the thing is when i took it apart i saw that the bearings were gone. im sure i could easily enough replace the bearings. we will see