Brakes Coaster brake secrets?



Are there any? I'm going out to put the sprocket on now, but the directions from the dax site show a ten speed type rear wheel.
Wish me luck, I'm getting schooled by a bicycle! :D


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Nov 4, 2006
Pittsburg, Ks.
while you have the rear wheel off, it would be a good time to re-grease the bearings & brakes. Yes...grease the brakes. A good amount. On everything....the brake pads/shoes...the inside wall of the hub...all 3 bearings.....the large threaded thingy that moves to expand the shoes. grease!
when you take your hub apart, remove everything from the brake arm side, then pull the guts out from the sprocket side. Pay attention to where everything is when you pull it apart.
when you put it back together.....go backward from taking it apart. the brake shoes will stick in place(on the thingy) to the new grease

when it's not spin your wheel until you get it bolted back on your bike! trust me. you will cuss! :D

Clear as mud? I'd post some pics, but my son still has my camera. (new baby :D )

one more might have to ream out the center hole in your sprocket, to fit your hub. That sucks , but I've done a couple with a dremel/grinding stone. Slow going...but works.
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Jan 22, 2008
I use a good multi-purpose grease from my local hardware store. It's been working just dandy for me. It came in a little tub and is black in color.

This weekend my bike is getting the royal treatment. The coaster brakes are getting cleaned real nice then regreased, the wheels are getting polished, same with the crank. And a new set of calipers. I'm giddy with this whole bike thing, and I've only been into the hobby for a few weeks.