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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by DuctTapedGoat, Jan 25, 2011.

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    So, I think it's the coaster brake that's doing this, I haven't taken the wheel off yet, I wanted to get some opinions first.

    I picked up a WCC chopper bike a few days ago, did a little work on it just patching the tubes and tightening up the triple tree. Today I took it on a maiden voyage for about 2 miles.

    I began to hear a slight squeak from the back of the bike, but it progressed until it was a deafening squeak, the wheel got harder to pedal, and in the end I couldn't pedal it. Common sense told me to wheel it backwards for 40-50 feet, and then it was good for another 5-600 yards, when it did it again.

    What does this sound like to you? I don't believe that it's the hub/axle bearings, but I'm not ruling it out. I haven't taken the wheel off yet, like I said, I want to get some opinions first. I haven't had a bike with coaster brakes since I was like 10. Is this something that can happen with coaster brakes? Is there something I missed when remounting the back wheel, is there a way to "tune" the coaster brakes, or calibrate/adjust it or what?

    Let me know! I'll try your suggestions first before I go tweaking around blindly.

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    Sounds like you need to tear it down. It sounds like the bearings are adjusted too tightly &/ or the brake arm is not anchored in place or is missing !
    But you really need to tear it down, now, to look for damage. This is a good website, although newer Chinese coaster hubs can be a little different. One thing I have seen with every cheap, new bike, is that there is not enough grease in these hubs to last any amount of time. People will tell you that it is a " special new grease, " but even if it is, there is not enough in there to function right. This is a good website .
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    Another note, It is impossible to over grease a coaster brake hub. Get as much grease inside it as you reasonably can, paying close attention to the bearings. Any excess will get squished out upon re-assembly and you can wipe it away with a rag.
  4. DuctTapedGoat

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    So, with the warmer weather I decided to finally tear down the coaster brake.

    Major pain getting it back together, but I regreased and it's /better/, but far from fixed. The clutch is what's acting up, it's as though it's not fully disengaging.

    I wish there was an alternative to coaster brakes on the WCC bike with stock wheels. Any suggestions?