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    I recently assembled my MB and i have already ran into a few snags the main one being the coaster brakes, i had to bend the arm so that it would clear the frame and all was good so i was riding it for 3 days until i noticed one of the bolts on the rearwheel sprocket had fallen off, took a good look and noticed that the arm was getting eaten up by the bolts not only that but there was a ring around the sprocket where the arm had been rubbing on, so what do you guys think should i ditch the coaster brakes and get some caliper or disk brakes? what would be the fix for the arm rubbing on the sprocket?

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    Sprocket not centered [ indexed ]

    Your sprocket isnt centered, you should go to a clamshell hub for accuracy. The bolt to spokes setup is nothing but trouble
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    Just put the brake arm in a vice and bend it out a bit more by the hole, enough to clear the bolt heads.
    You can bend the rest back in after that so it lines up to the chain stay better if need be.

    You don't want to just discard the coaster brake, that arm is what helps your axle from turning, hence why it is keyed to the axle and attached to the frame.

    Adding C or V-brakes?
    There is no such thing as too many good brakes!
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    i was actually gonna buy one along with a 36 tooth sprocket for speed but i am a bit strapped for cash at the moment i'll keep that high on my priority list second to brakes and bright LED lights, i'll probably try to eyeball and center it since the bolts loosened up on me anyways

    thanks KC i'll bend the arm a bit more by the head and get myself a good pair of brakes i don't know how im going to set up brakes on both sides with the clutch lever in the way though, oh and any ideas as to why there is a circular ring around the sprocket, too much pressure? arm on too tight?
  5. KCvale

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    Get this dual pull brake lever and put it on the right hand side.
    $9 and they work great.

    That circle looks to be from the dust cover, leave it out.
    And you can true your sprocket to the wheel spinning it in a fork.
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    thanks a million kc that dual brake handle is frigging sweet, i don't know about the dust cover causing the circular ring since its actually sitting on the opposite side but i'll take it out anyways i've been reading a bunch of stuff against them
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    I help where I can and that was easy.
    Take your time, and always have good brakes to avoid breaks bud ;-}