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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by proline20, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. proline20

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    I was recently given a used old skool Janis Earth Cruiser with coaster brake. After pressure washing the bike, the brakes don't perform like they used to. I understand taking a coaster hub apart may not be smart for a first timer. Besides adding a front brake (did that), what should I do?

    I robbed a graveyard bike and am not satisfied I have the correct front brake performance. Also, what is a v-brake I've seen mentioned on here?

  2. Mountainman

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    sounds like you may have to take the coaster apart
    so as to clean - inspect and grease

    or to a bicycle shop ?

    ride that thing Mountainman
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    $25 going rate here in Florida to tear down and re-grease coaster hub. Thanks Mountainman!
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    wow -- yes that's one heck of a price to pay

    I don't remember anymore what we charged in our bicycle shop
    many, many years ago now
    I will guess at around 6 dollars

    but that was then and this is now

    good thing to do is
    get our tools needed
    cone wrenches
    sprocket tools
    ect ect

    and work on our own !!

    I have made friends with a local bicycle shop recently
    the other day he invited me to use his bicycle rack
    so as to make my own repair -- at no cost

    I do wish to buy a bicycle rack for working on my MB at home
    once one uses one -- you'll never go back !!!

    makes it nice when we ride that thing Mountainman
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    using coaster's for 1000's of miles & luv 'em

    here's a very good resource, with links to schematics & other instructions at the bottom...might as well dive in, yer gonna have to learn sometime:

    i use "stay-lube" high-temp automotive grade grease.

    give it a shot. $25 saved justifies the lesson learned...worst-case ya get a $50 (total) new one, these are a great budget upgrade & bikepartsusa has really gotten it's sh-tuff together on shipping & tracking:,-Chrome-Steel-Wheel&category=wheel-26_inch

    i still don't own any cone wrenches, but i own a coupla "ground-down" wrenches and a great pair of servicing i can keep the bearings adjusted by working with the chain (right) side and never touching the coaster (left) side.
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    Thanks augidog! I'm gonna tear down soon. First timer and would like tips (I think I read you usually take everything out from one side?) Anyone have a diagram of the sun tour coaster hub? This forum is awesome!!!
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    man oh man -- some nice tools also offered on that site

    been a while since I had all bicycle tools needed

    one of these days to get

    bike stand and wheel trueing stand

    yes -- that's what I am talking about

    fix that thing and ride that thing Mountainman
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    I've decided to tear down and try it. I figure if I'm careful on the workbench, I can get everything out, clean, then re-grease (and pack the hub full per
    I do all service and repairs on my cars and boats, a bicycle hub can't be that tough. I'm sure the cautious words from pros that work on bikes are either to scare you into bringing them the bike, or that it is a pain in the a__ and they take too much time to make $...or likely, both!
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    The suntour coaster R/R is EASY! Runs like new. I hope it was appropriate to pack the heck out of the whole hub, it brakes like a charm. I thought the suntour was very simple - removed axle from coaster handle side never moving the axle on the coaster handle, washed everything, replaced one of 3 bearings that was shot. Once apart, I remembered doing it on a huffy 20" in the early 70's as a kid. Thanks for everyone's help!
  12. xPosTech

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    Hey MM

    Here find 8 bombproof DIY bike repair stands. And here is 5 DIY truing stands.

    Now, after riding it, you can Fix that thing.

    For truing wheels I use a front fork slipped into the round base of a cheap broken $ store floor fan. Works great and I can spin it around to work from the other side.

    Sorry for the sidejack of your thread, proline. Yeah, don't be askairt to go into any more hubs. If you think you'll have problems, take pics as you disassemble. (Wear nitrile gloves unless you want a greasy camera. :rolleyes:)