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    Hello everyone,

    The rear brake hub has been giving me some problems lately, while riding( bike has 260 miles on it 2005 NE5) it started to make noises so I took the rear wheel off and found a few ball bearing inside the hub that came from the wheel bearing cage.
    I bought some new ball bearings from a bike shop of the same size and I installed the whole thing back together again. After a few miles the noise came back again. I guess I might as well look for a new hub...right?
    If I do need a new hub would I be better off with a Whizzer hub or a Shimano remake of a Bendix hub.......thanks....regards, Ed

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    new hub needed ? Only if your's is shot out -- (bad)
    when you re-check that hub -- questions
    has it collapsed a little inside ?
    cracks ?
    smooth using finger nail ?

    if all of these things check out fine --
    replace with ALL BEARINGS no cage

    Whizzer or Shimano ??? come on now ---- _h_m_n_

    always want our bearing running in plenty of grease when we

    not to wear it out - makes for a nice time when we -- ride that thing
  3. Whizzer Coaster brake

    HI 58, I have serviced, and overhauled, even rplaced damaged Whizzer coasters (and others!).

    You need to inspect very carefully inside the hub shell that is the bearing race. Now on some Grube hubs that failed, the outer "lip" that would retain the balls, was streched, and even cracked on some. Now, know this, MOST all coasters are basicly the same, and certainly operate on the same principals.

    My 05 Whizzer coaster failed, it was a different type of problem. I laced in a Taiwan unit called "HiStop" and it has been working well for a very long time. The Shimano is considered by some to be a better unit than the HiStop, but others of my suppliers don't seem to think so.

    Whizzer stocks only the coaster for 34.95, but it is an "obsolete" product, and I know I don't stock them., when I got mine, they had complete wheels also, and since your bike is out of warranty, I would lace in either a Shimano, or HiStop, or the Whizzer unit and be done with it. A new wheel could cost you far more than the relace job, but certainly check the price on the labor if you cannot do it yourself. Whizzer lists the complete wheel (with tire) at 192.30, but will supply it without tire and tube for a bit less.

    MyHiStop works as well as the orig unit ever did, so it's really up to what is going to be best for you. Sometimes, if you buy the coaster at the shop that's lacing it for you you might get a better deal.

    The main advantage to getting the Whizzer coaster is it should come with the brake arm, and I wore mine out.

    Hope this helps,
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Ed,
    I have had a few failures with the Whizzer rear hub, mostly because the spoke flanges are pressed on unlike the earlier Bendix, New Departure, and Morrow hubs. My suggestions would be to locate a rear coaster hub that the spoke flanges are part of the hub, not pressed on. The pressed on version can "collaspe" and give you a really wild ride. Another problem I have encountered is the bearing race is soft and can pit and flat side the bearings, causing a grinding sound, and sudden wheel lock up. I noticed Mike mentioned Shimano and HiStop as options, I don't know anything about the HiStop, but the Shimano on my 1999 Whizzer with approx. 6000 hard miles did "shatter" on one side of the hub at the end of the event in Lewes,DE a few weeks ago. I can see the bearings easily where the hub cracked, and considering I was very rough on it, I am happy it lasted that long.

    Hope this information is helpful,
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    It will be some time untill I get around to fixing the rear hub, I will give it a closer inspection this time to see if the hub has a crack or a rough race... thanks to all who answered....Ed