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    I've been reassembling the Whizzer. I had found 2 washers on the clutch shaft, outside the case. I couldn't see how they were needed, and when I installed the clutch pulley without the washers the primary belt lined up nicely, and the secondary belt moved off the chainstay with 1/8th+ clearance. However, I think I found why the washers were there. The mag cover had been over tightened, or some type of spacer left out, and the top and bottom "wings" were flaired out, and hit the primary belt.
    I'm making the assumption that the "wings should be on the same plane rather than a flair.
    I doubt it could be bent back with out breaking as a crack can be seen. I found there is a repop. Any good? Was there a spacer, or perhaps an insulator between the mag cover and case?

    I bought a ML5"B" carb and will send it along with the "A" carb that chainmaker had problems with as soon as it arrives.

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    Hi Greybeard,

    The coil guard is often over tightened and bends the cover. There are 2 long allen bolts with a small insulator and washer on each prior to inserting into the holes in the cover. The design of the cover allows it to bend [flair out] and in extreme conditions could contact the belt. For several years a really nice replacement cover was available and looked exactly like the original. The current repop version has a rough finish, is much thinner and lighter. The current version is also a much brighter finnish and isn't near as strong as the original. The new version is very easy to "crack" compaired to the original. When you replace the cover, just be careful when tightening. Be sure to space the coil .010" from the flywheel and make sure both sides of the "E" bar are .010" from the flwheel. The coil is held in place by the cover, and stays in place without over tightening the 2 allen bolts.

    Ok on the carburetors. The only difference between the "A" & "B" is the throttle shaft & fittings.

    Have fun,