Cold Setting A Bike Chainstay

Thats funny...I made one of those already with the addition of parachute cord that I sling onto one side of the frame and reverse the end to press against one side of the frame an the other side and then pull the trigger to spread them now so I am not totally stuck without another set of hands to

Haven't had to use it yet, but as always, it's just a matter of
With the turnbuckle method, I mentioned you could engrave 5 lines just wide enough apart to where the center of the U was half the width U apart. Then do five 1° bends. The third 1° bend would be the center of the bend. I'd also use a heat gun while doing this. You should then have some nice symmetrical bends without any kinks. The engraved marks could then be filled and sanded out.
heat gun lol. im sorry but i think a heat gun does much besides wreck the paint, now a blue tip wrench...
Somebody as creative as you are could probably weld a hook and stationary bars on a belt pulley and do your offset bends with that. Though you'd have to have 2 of them to do simultaneous bends.
I do this with anything that is required to be straight and true when running these beasties, it saves me alot of work, pain, and grief in the long run.

To me there is nothing worse than doing something a second time because of trusting that it is trued in the first place.

One of the reasons I also get rid of spoke wheels and go to the mag wheels that I use...I was tired af constantly re-trueing the rims with spoke adjustments every couple of months...A total PITA as far as Im concerned
I went to mag wheels for the same reason and mostly because sealed bearings in the mag wheels can handle 212cc torque as long as you
don't try to do burn out and get stupid with that engines torque since I know it would tear things out of the drop-out. :)