Cold Yet?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by nsideus, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. nsideus

    nsideus Guest

    Left for work this morning at 1:30 AM on my bike to plow snow temp was -11 degrees at 20 MPH wind chill made it -36 degrees. Nothing like a refreashing ride in the AM.

  2. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    You're tripping.
    ... Steve
  3. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    cold yet

    its been a record cold week here in the Northwest(U.S.A.) never got above freezing. Not usual for "the banana belt". The weather here usually goes like this: first it clears off, then it gets cold, then there is freezing rain with snow, then it turns to just cold rain.

    Wonder what it is like in Australia about now (sigh)

    Mike Frye-the bike guy
  4. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    About 30 Celsius most days right now.
    Where I live, It never gets below about 5 Celsius - no frost, ice or snow ever.
    ... Steve