College student interested in a new hobby.

Jan 22, 2008
Hello everybody.

My name is Jon and I am an industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati. I'm just a freshman, but I have been dabbling in design work in high school.

I am a decently mechanical fellow, and I actually worked in a hardware store in high school. Electronics and computers were always my forte, but now I am willing to branch out and venture into the realm of small motors. And it works out, because next year I'll be living a few miles from campus and need a new method of transportation in order to get there.

And that's why I'm here. After doing some initial research, I figured that this is the premier forum for this kind of thing. Being a forum kind of guy (I've been registered to several over the past few years), I know there is no resource quite like them.

I appreciate your kindness and your knowledge.