Colorado 47 Model H

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    Hey folks - found you guys over here. Life served up a bunch of distractions, but it's winter and now i'm ready to get back on this project.

    Bringing you up to speed - This was my Dad's Whizzer, he bought new as a kit in 47, mounting it on a Gambles bike. Then moved it over to the Liberty-badged Schwinn. He found the title, and original registration for 1948, which shows that he was fined for late registration! I also have the 48 tag. the frame was in rough shape.

    The motor was rebuilt by a friend who soaked the block for 3 weeks to free the piston. After that, she cleaned up real good. I'll try to find the video i took starting it up for Dad. First time he had heard it run in ~65 years. You should see his grin!

    I've been scolded by some to not touch it, but there was a lot of damage when someone re-braised some welds. I took the plunge and currently in the process of having it professionally painted. Prep and primer are done, Basecoat starts today!

    On the home front, I've been cleaning parts, replacing some that need it. I'm organizing a spot in my garage to work during the winter. My holy grail find, is looking for an elusive Stewart Warner Cadet speedometer to replace the one from the bike.

    She's gonna be sweet!