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  1. wilbow63

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    I would like to say that this sight has helped me get started in a new project. I have very little time for big projects. I have been turning wrenches and training soldiers for 14 years. I have a workman cycle on the way and and a sky hawk that I plan to stap on it.

  2. Dave C

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    Hi. I'm interested to see what a combat mechanic does to build one of these. You did pick a bike that's a good one for conversion but still...:cool2:
  3. wilbow63

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    thanks not to sure on the engine. I was trying to find something america. I am red blooded like that
  4. Dave C

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    As far as I know there is nothing that comes in under the 50cc thing. Japanese motors seem to be the most reliable.
  5. wilbow63

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    how you doing dave.
    question for you, What do you know about Pirate cycles
  6. Dave C

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    I've bought parts from them if that's what you mean:cool: And will again I'm sure. Their Husky wheels are looking mighty good for the price. As to any motor kits I just don't know. I've only bought 1 kit and that was from BGF off eBay. But I know they have good service after the sale if that's what your looking for:helmet:

    PAPAROACH Member

    Pirate Cycles by far have the best customer service out there. I bought a 36 tooth Occ schwinn sprocket and adapter and it is CNC machined and of great quality. Well good luck and how do bikes handle in the thin air up there?
  8. wheelbender6

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    For something American made, you will need to go vintage and use a motor from something like an old Harley moped or or minibike. That would be fun, but time consuming.
    Maybe it is better to get a kit motor from overseas since you don't have a lot of extra time.
    Keep those Airmen squared away.