Come one, come all... find your life's horoscope inside...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sparky, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. sparky

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    I used to believe horoscopes were the devil, because the nuns at my elementary school told me so... but now that I look at it myself, I see consistencies that appear to be more than coincidence.

    Tell me your birthday (along with time and place for most accuracy) and I'll give you your life's horoscope. I haven't seen one that was wrong yet. I'll even provide two very popular guys we all know as examples to start us off...

    George W. Bush (July 6, 1946 at 7:26 in New Haven, CT)
    Barack Obama (Aug 4, 1961 at 19:24 in Honolulu, HI)

  2. Mountainman

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    ain't no way
    the Bible says to stay far away from this stuff
    sure some of it can seem so real at times
    have you ever heard about how the devil can come as light ???
    or did you even have a clue what the nuns were trying to teach you ??

    do not be deceived it is no joke
    into your eye a hot rod to poke !!
  3. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Hah... the Bible's inspiration came from the heavens (or the stars, rather). There's something to this stuff...

    Here's mine...

    You can't make this shiz up.
  4. SimpleSimon

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    Well, actually, sparky - you can "make this sh it up". As has been done, over thousands of years, by many thousands of deluded practicioners, both sincere believers and devout charlatans fleecing the sheeple.

    I am unsurprised to see you embrace it.
  5. scokes

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    hit me, Sparky.

  6. sparky

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    I embrace everything once. Was even "embracing" the words of Charles Manson yesterday. Dude's wicked smart. Spits the truth more than 75% of the time, but there's still that 25% lunatic in him.
  7. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Here ya go...

  8. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    The trick is that your Sun sign is supposedly what everybody else sees in you... whereas your Moon sign is what you feel about yourself. When you combine them, you get a most accurate, yet still fairly general "reading" of yourself. I've seen people who were Leos talk about how the Leo's aggressive typical nature found in daily horoscopes never matched their true personality. But when that person finds out they have a regressive Moon sign, so that they feel like they always have to pull back from everything... but everybody else still views them as strong-willed, etc., like a Leo.
  9. srdavo

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    just for grins......

    11-01-1957 8:00 AM Ft. Scott, KS.

  10. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Here ya go, srdavo...

  11. scokes

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    Sparky, i should have known you were Gemini, Are you a nail-biter, as-well? I'll change my avatar in a bit, but I had to show it off.
  12. sparky

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    Actually, I am.
  13. scokes

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    if you ever figure out haw to quit, let me know. I used to think smoking kept me from biting, but then I realized I was biting while smoking. f***ed up, man.

    Now the only thing that helps is typing and riding that "THING" as MM calls it.

    there is a lot of truth to what the stars have to say/how they are interpreted, but it is only in true retrospect.
  14. sparky

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    You're right about the horoscopes being true only in retrospect. My horoscope never told me anything that's gonna happen to me... only who I've already chosen to be.

    The only way to stop biting is to paint your nails with something. I haven't tried doing that in years, but the No-Bite stuff never really stopped me. I think just putting nail polish on your fingernails might actually work. Just never done it, tho... 'cause I need a boredom habit. I can't just sit perfectly still while nothing else is happening around me.
  15. scokes

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    hahaha, I'll get right on that. My 12 year old might have some black polish that would look just lovely...LMAO
  16. sparky

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    So for sh*tz and giggles, I had to look up Manson's horoscope...

    No, you just can't make this stuff up.
  17. sparky

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    OK... so I've given out 6 of the 144 possible horoscopes. Anybody else care to see if these few sentences define your past to a T or not? Jeez, I wanna see RC's horoscope so bad. Come on, man... give up your birthday already! Your real birthday!
  18. scokes

    scokes Member

    where are you getting the # "144"?
  19. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    There's 12 signs... and this horoscope is the sun & moon combination, which are supposedly the only two that matter for reasons I stated above (something about sun sign defining what people see in you, and your moon sign defines what you see in yourself). Depending on where the sun, moon, and other planets (not nearly as important as the first two) are in the 12 astrological phases (signs) at the time of your birth, that determines your astrological signs. So basically, 12 possible sun phases and 12 possible moon phases = 12 * 12 = 144.
  20. scokes

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