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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by LincolnMercury, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I had to cut the aluminum seatpost off. It was solidly corroded into the seat tube. I tapped a steel seatpost into the remains of the old one and topped it off with a wide spring loaded comfort seat. I exchanged the straight mountain bike bars for swept back bars off of the Huffy. The last pic is of the bike as it sits now.
    The lower seat position makes the bike handle like a dream. With the bars, there is no weight or pressure on my hands. The seat takes my weight completely.
    I cannot believe what a difference these changes have made. It is a completely different bike. Handling and stability are SWEET!

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  2. ZnsaneRyder

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    Gotta have comfort when riding. As much as you can for a bike anyway.

    I HAVE to have a full suspension bike. The rear shock at its softest setting. I have a bad back, so the soft riding rear makes biking much easier. Having a shock on the rear makes much more difference than a front shock pair alone. The rear shock allows me to go faster speeds, but a rear shock makes even a pedal bike much more comfortable.

    I like to raise the seat and handlebars as high as possible with my weight, so I sit higher, and get more power when pedaling while sitting down, so I stand up less. Also, I like the feeling of being high off the ground on a bike, and it feels safer and easier to control at high speed.

    Also, as far as seats go, I just have a decent stock vinyl pacific bike seat, because my old gel/foam padded seat on my other bike would absorb water, so when I would sit down, it would give me a wet rear after it rained. Now my butt stays high and dry.
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    Good job Lincoln, Id jump on that baby and take a spin any day. Enjoy.
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    That does look good. I've been thinking about switching my straight bars for a swept-back type as well. Haven't quite made the decision yet.

    But it looks like you'll be riding in style.
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys. bluegoatwoods, not only do the swept back bars look good, but with the new seat position the handling is completely different. It feels much more stable and forgiving. My 79 yr old mom feels safe riding it.
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    What kind of tires are those with the red on the sidewall?
  7. Znsane' they are bell mountainbike tires $9.99 @ Target.
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    looks like it would be good on the mountain buns - that seat

    nice motor bike -- have fun as you ride that THING