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  1. hatmon

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    i must have a mountain bike because of my area, and im just wondering on comments on the above 3 bikes on how well they would preform with a motor on them and if they look decent (they are pretty cheap too considering they have to be shipped) comments please :helmet:

  2. retromike3

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    another thought

    Instead of that, why not just go to the ATM take your money out, scrunch it up, dump it in the street, poor gas on it and light it?

    The bikes you have listed are very low quality to start with and will take a long time to get to the point were they are rideable. Let alone put a two cycle motor on that really vibrates. If you do decide to go the cheep route at least take it to a local bike shop and have them put it together or better yet, look in the nickel adds or Crags list for a used bike that you can see before you buy it.

    Right now, do you know what size frame and stem will fit you correctly? If you are not planning to go off road those tires look like overkill and a majority of MTN bikes today are set up with what's called a "freeehub" and they are set up with a minimum of seven speeds with a rear axle spacing of 135mm. there are high quality rear hubs that will work all day with six speed 130mm freewheels but, the hub alone will cost more than what that bike is sold for.

    If you start with the lowest quality you will never be happy with it.

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  3. Dave C

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    I like the Huffy but you need to find one to see if it fits. The price is hard to beat for a new bike, though.

    I agree with the craigslist thing. You can get a higher quality used bike for what that Huffy is with shipping plus you get to look at the bike. Don't just get the first one that looks nice. A better deal could pop up:cool:
  4. hatmon

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    my area is not even listed on craigslist, and any of the areas that are near my location are 30-40+ miles away and i have no way to get there, and with very few 'decent' looking bikes for under 250$, the tires on the bike don't matter to me one bit since im planning on ordering airless tires the minute i get the bike of my choice, if these bikes are so bad then, maybe suggest me some bikes off of ebay for under 250$? and my motor is just a Chinese 66cc happy time engine, i have no clue in what to look for in a bike that ill be mounting a motor onto but ebay has a decent selection of mountain bikes for 100$-250$ i just have no clue what i should choose :dunce:
  5. Dave C

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    I measured the angles on the seat post/lower tube and none are all that close to a 72-75 drgree angle with the Huffy having the best angle of the three at about 62 degrees.

    For a under $100 bike it's not bad and a MUCH better bike than the all-aluminum Mongoose Paver I have for making a MB out of. As long as it has a steel frame and rims your way ahead of the game
  6. hatmon

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    alright ill probably buy the huffy when i get the money for it around Tuesday/Wednesday, thanks for the input i was going to go with one of the pacific bikes but now i think ill go with the huffy, it looks better than the other ones anyways :cool2:
  7. hatmon

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    looked at reviews for all 3 of them on amazon and they all seem to suck :/ the huffy did seem better than both of the Pacific's and still might buy that one
  8. RedBaronX

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    Check out the many sponsors of this forum and see which ones carry bikes. Pirate Cycles does as well as others that I don't know the names of off the top of my head. You will find a bike for under $250, some for even less than that, and they are going to be bikes that will be appropriate for motorizing. Also, you can ask the merchants questions-- "HI, I am new, I want to motorize a bike, this is my budget..." and they can let you know which is the best choice. J

    Just don't do something tacky like ask a merchant tons of questions and then buy the same bike from someone else because it might be a couple bucks cheaper.
  9. hatmon

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    ok ill do some checking around on the sponsor list, thanks :)