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Jul 10, 2008
hi, im trying to find some bikes but i cant. the term moped and motorized bike are too vague.

im looking for something similar to the peugeot vogue

i search google and moped always turns up scooters without pedals and motorized bike always turns up homemade bike + motor projects.

if i could get some models or possibly some term that describes an actual "mo-ped" so i can search google that would be apprecatied.

Seems to me a moped needs to have some "peds", but an awful lot of ads call things with no pedals a "moped".
Almost every moped is available with, or without pedals. It depends on your home state. In PA and NJ, all mopeds have pedals. When you order, you must specify pedal or not. Plenty of them are still available.

I like the Tomos for the quality and dependability. That A55 engine is tops. Expensive, but nothing to do but ride. Oil injection, no mixing. Basically a small motorcycle.

check out

The Peugeot isn't available in the U.S. but Garelli makes one very similar for under 1000.
You just have to order the "pedal" version.
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Pedals rock anyways. Without them you have to rely totally on those tiny engines. No way!
Thats what a true moped should look like, good lookin bike. On craigs list every so often you can find an italian or jap moped from the 70s or 80s that will run forever. Since gas has gone way up theyre asking a lil more for them but mostly you can get a great deal on them because most folks dont know how reliable they are.
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Pedals rock anyways. Without them you have to rely totally on those tiny engines. No way!
On a typical moped, the pedals are geared really rather short and aren't meant for propelling the moped over long distances by human power alone.

The main reason they're there is either because the moped is a pedal-start, or so that it can be pedal-started if the electric starter doesn't work. The cranks are very short and the two sprockets are geared near 1:1 with the rear wheel. If you left the engine off and just pedaled the thing as fast as you could, you still wouldn't manage much faster than a jogging pace.
I always thought that a moped was like a Tomos, and a scooter was like a Vespa. Some mopeds have a higher tank and look sort of motorcycle-ish, not bad at all,,, but they still only have 50cc's of power.
Coincidentally, while I was researching bicycle engine kits (and comparing them to mopeds) I saw online that only the cheaper mopeds now have a single drive speed, and these will struggle up steep hills--if they will even make it up at all. All the better mopeds have 2-speed automatic gearboxes, and some of the best ones have 3-speed automatics. The muli-speed gears doesn't provide a higher top speed but it allows them to climb hills just as steep as any other motorcycle or car could.