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Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by softride, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I ordered my Tanaka 40 kit from GEBE and intend installing it on my softride mountain bike right away to commute which is 25 miles each way I have one hill of note in each direction so my question is do i still need a lengthy run in or can i use the motor sparingly on just the flats till i have some hours on it also as my rims are equipped with slix does anyone have any experience with that tire set up .

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    If you're concerned on the hill just run 1/2 throttle and pedal for a week.
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    Thanks for the reply
    not so concerned about the hills but how long I need for the running in time its not that i want instant gratification but more that i had previously used chain saws and wackers flat out from the start my chain saw is 10 years old and runs fine .
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    from all the info and advice i have received, (i have a 33cc tanaka )you can run these babies flat out, after a week or so of steady runs. Unlike the 4 stroke the 2 strokes like to be pushed thats why i bought it for commuting, so you can keep the juice on for as long as you like.
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    Your Tanaka wants to run right out of the box; these engines are designed to run at high rpm for sustained periods of time. If you can hurt it, I'd be surprised...
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    My impression is that the Japanese engines are built to close enough tolerances, that break-in is not really important.
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    Good luck with the new bike..

    I have the 32cc motor kit from GEBE and that will do hills at 20mph no problem that I couldnt even get a quarter of the way up on pedals.

    The hill outside my parents village is all in all a half mile with a steep grade of maybe 1:6 at the start with no run up and mine will still be sitting at 20mph when I reach the flatter part..

    This is fairly impressive since it is fitted to a heavy-ish cruiser frame.

    In conclusion these GEBE kits should have no problems with hills although the 40 does apparently tend to chew belts if it is ridden aggressively.

    Dont be tempted to fit a tuned pipe to this engine - I have lost a fair amount of performance after testing one of these - seems my motor didnt like it..

    Jemma xx
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    Thanks Jemma
    I am an ex brit well i still have my passport living in Seattle
    lived for a long time in West Sussex Village called West Chiltington miss that place sometimes .Looking forward to building my motorised softride as its a great bike as is .
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    I would be interested if any one has kept account of their experiences regarding money saved:shock:,weight loss :oops:or other health benefits since commuting with a Motored Bike,i have some realistic financial goals to achieve and hopefully lose some #s which will also aid my other hobby which is drag racing so all experiences welcome.:grin: