Commuters, What is Your Daily Gear?

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  1. littletinman

    littletinman Member

    Hi All,

    So here is my question: what do you guys commute with?

    Bike: I have an old Pacifica Scorpio MTB With street tires
    Engine: Two stroke chain driven china
    Tools: have a set of bike tools, allen wrenches, adjustable wrenches, tire repair kit, pump, spare tube, and high mileage engine oil for keeping gears lubed (yes, it works really well)
    Clothes: For the morning (7:30am leave time) I wear a long sleeve shirt with jeans and tennis shoes. For the ride home I wear t-shirt and jeans, and tennis shoes. I wear a reflective vest as well.
    Miles: 4 miles each way.

    Your turn!


  2. charliechaindrive

    charliechaindrive New Member

    Bike: schwinn jaguar 7 speed

    Engine: unknown size/brand two stroke

    Tools: allan set, crescent wrench and a thing of nail polish, to use as a thread locker. (hey, it works)

    Clothes: heavy denim pants, skateboard shoes (aka emergency brakes) my zip up hoodie and my hat.

    Miles: about twenty a day, I usually ride around the neighborhood and pretty much do the same thing the american pickers do.
  3. IlliniRider

    IlliniRider New Member

    My typical day also covers about twenty miles.

    Bike: 80s Raleigh Technium
    Engine: Chain drive HT
    Tools: Basic tools in a canvas bag
    Clothes: Dressed for the weather forecast, orange reflective vest, GLOVES and HELMET.
    Miles: 7 miles on paved streets round trip to/from work. Another 10 to 15 miles running errands or just fooling around! :grin5:
  4. jrowse

    jrowse New Member

    Long wheelbase Cruiser with 48cc Grubee
    i carry tire pump cresant wrench and hex key set for the commute to work and back.
    i live in Phoenix so tee shirt in the AM and afternoon is long sleeve shirt bandanas over head and face and i soak the shirt to keep cool for at least part of the ride.
    Work is 15 miles each way, school is 3.5. i figure i'm riding about 100 miles plus a week. i'm buying a gallon of gas once a week so can't be much more than that. i'm working 12 to 20 hrs a week while i'm in school.......i couldn't live on that if i owned a car :grin5:
  5. Cavi Mike

    Cavi Mike Member

    You guys need to ditch those big air pumps and get some CO2/N2 inflators.

    Bike: Cranbrook
    Engine: 66cc china
    Tools: 10mm, 14mm, 15mm, 19mm, stubby phillip's, tire levers, tube and aforementioned inflator with a couple refills
    Clothes: Helly Hansen urethane paints and packable rain jacket, ball cap and amber glasses. Tools and rain gear go in a backpack.
  6. jrowse

    jrowse New Member

    my pump is about that size 7 inches or so. That inflator does look like something useful though
  7. tooljunkie

    tooljunkie Member

    my ride is a CCM comfort bike,its a mountain bike if you ask me,66 cc skyhawk no mods.
    misc tools to pull chain,and to fix whatever loosens up.
    raincoat,backpack with my lunch,gloves,helmet and safety glasses.the vest is a great idea,i will need to get one.only problem is i wanted to keep a low profile,as i'm the only one in town riding a MAB.
  8. noisydad

    noisydad New Member

    Bike: 1950's Humber 3-speed
    Engine: Honda GX35 (BMP FD)
    Tools: Screwdriver, adjustable wrench, multi-tool, (plastic) tire irons, xtra tube, big-a** hardened steel chain/trailer lock
    Clothes: Normal work-wear (for me, anyway) - khakis, shirt, leather loafers, bike gloves, DOT motorcycle helmet, backpack, jacket if cool in AM; other outerwear as seasonal
    Miles: 4.5 one-way - I only commute on the bike in nice weather
  9. PhilH

    PhilH New Member

    Bike: Schwinn Legacy cruiser
    Engine: Grubee Skyhawk 66cc
    Tools: hand pump, screwdrivers, bike lock (still need to have a tire repair kit)
    Clothes: nothing fancy, t-shirt and short, sneakers, wind-proof sunglasses, and a novelty biker helmet. Since i work in an office with a certain dress code, I carry my work shirt/slacks/a pair of extra socks in my bag.
    Miles: 10 miles round trip
  10. Mike B.

    Mike B. New Member

    Hi all,

    Bike: Schwinn World Avenue One Commuter Bike

    Engine: Robin Subaru EHO35A (33.5 cc) Four Cycle Engine (friction drive)

    Tools: I carry a small bag with allen wrenches, adjustable end wrench, two screw drivers, spare tube, air pump, a few zip ties.

    Clothes: Jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes.

    Safety equipment: Helmet, reflective vest (esp. at nite), mirror on the helmet, blinky on rear (It's on all the time)

    Miles: 10 miles (round trip)

    Bike 2.jpg
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  11. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Bike: Schwinn Avenue
    Engine: Dax Friction Drive with Tanaka 3300
    Tools: patch kit, co2 gun, tube, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers (little), allen wrench set, u lock and cable, small parts like valve tool and spares.
    Clothes: Dickies work slacks and mechanic shirts, various shoes, usually hiking boots or contractor boots, or restaurant style sneakers
    Miles: FT dad and home-maker, so I don't really "commute", but I run between the nearby town for groceries and supplies, and the next town over for some errands and to get out of the house a while. (10mi r.t. to Walmart, and 40mi rt. to family in next town.)

    Your turn!

  12. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    I'll get a profile up when I finish putting the final touches to the bike (sun EZ sport). Hey Happy, isn't that moon seat supposed to be the other way around, is it comfy that way?
  13. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    It's made to go on that way, and advertised that way, but you can reverse it if you like. Most likely though if reversed it will annoy you greatly, and the rails will not let you level it unless you have old fashioned seat guts.
    The wings are mostly for looks, but do take some body weight by spreading out the load from the backs of your legs and sit bones.
    It's not the most comfortable saddle I've used, but it works great for riding in jeans or pants, and works as intended for anatomical concerns. :likelots:
  14. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    Bike: Repco mountain bike, 7 speed
    Engine: 66cc china with a SBP shift kit
    Tools: Spare tube, Pump, Tube repair kit, Hex/Allen keys, 10mm, 13mm,15mm spanners, 2 small screw drivers, 15cm (6 inch) of spare chain and a chain removal tool, spare batteries for my lights.
    Clothes: Jumper/ or jacket, draggin jeans, normal shoes
    Safety equipment: (for the front of my bike)2 small three led lights running off a 3cell 12volt turnigy battery, one 5 led light, one 56 led light, (back of bike) 2 blinking red led lights and normal bicycle reflector, wheels also have valve tube lights lol I wear a motorcycle helmet, reflective vest and motorcycle gloves
    Miles: I ride about 6 miles (9 1/2km) round trip but i ride alot during the night when i can't sleep so it could be anywhere between 6-14 miles per day.