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i thought it was time to make commuting a real aspect of motoredbiking :cool:

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Right on. Commuting is the reason I got into motored bikes. I'm planning to build a cabin/shop 27 miles out of town and can't see spending the first hour of my working day earning the money for the gas to get me back and forth. If I can make the commute on a vehicle getting 150 mpg, that would save me about $11 a day. x5x28 (I'm not counting on riding in winter or in serious rain), that 's a savings of $1,430 a year. A pretty nice ride will pay for itself pretty fast.
My Trek with the Rack mount was a test. My observations:
1) I am getting between 150 and 200 mpg.
2) I don't think friction drive is a good option for that distance of a commute because of performance in wet weather and tire wear. I do think it would be a good option for someone with a shorter commute, particularly in a drier climate.
3) The motor (43cc Mitsu) is adequate to move me the required distance at a reasonable rate of speed.
I'll be trying other drivetrain and bicycle configuration options.
My commute was also the reason I tried this little idea out in the first place. I tried a few times to ride to work, and made it fine. Except for the lack of breath and rubber legs I felt fine. I looked like I had just ridden 200 miles instead of a little over 7. I didn't stop sweating till my chair was so soaked it had its own cooling effect happening. In Short I could do it, but I didn't want to.

Put my first motor on and I got to work almost as fast as the car. Used a gallon of gas in a week and I was never tired when i got there. My cheeks hurt from smiling!, my hands were a little numb from the vibrations and my butt hurt. But no sweat! I could breath and my co-workers are much less worried I will stroke out on them after one of my strenuous rides to work.

Now I ride my road bike for fun and exercise not transportation. I could if I wanted to, but unless my car dies the same week as both my motored bikes, Won't ride it to work!
30 mile commute

Further observations:
1. I need a system that will operate well in somewhat inclement weather. I think/feel that chain drive is the most reliable for my situation.
2. A total of 60 miles a day, some after a strenuous day's work, just won't cut it sitting on an ordinary bike seat. I'm going to have to go recumbent.
3. I will need to haul groceries, gas for generator, propane tank, etc., in a trailer, on a regular basis. 2,2 hp 43cc will not do that at a reasonable speed (30mph). This runs me up against the rules for motor assisted bikes.
not up against the rules of motoredbiking, but up against the laws about it. from what i've heard of your pending build, i think you're on the right tack for your needs and environment...a heavier than usual long hauler, but still as light a vehicle as you can get by with :cool:

your commute is a bit different than the city, you'd need a bicycle-fast-lane for something like that.
It'll pull a trailer at 30, though there will/should be enough storage for a bag of groceries on board. Yeah, I'm going to build what I think is appropriate for my situation.
I commute on the bike about 2 miles from one town to the next, I usually beat my neighbors to the same area because I pause at red lights, I don't wait for them to turn!

due to the brief commute and also some rides to pick up some take out foods at night I go through about a gallon of gas a month. It's getting chilly in the mornings here so lately I've been riding with gloves, ear clips and a scarf on my helmet, I would love to find some biker goggles too.
well this is cool i was fierd from my extra income job Mc Donalds maitanance
$8 bucks well i start tomarrow at potato shack doing deliverys at $6 bucks an hour plus $1-$1.50 a delivery plus tips not bad since these things get killermpg

well have baskets on back and have down sized my 27 inch rime to a 26inch
mountan bike rim and nobby tire in back for more grip

oh yeah the new city pounder is in progress how dose a 70's model schiwwinn
varsity sound with stock race handel bars and beach tires on a race bike painted like a taxi with a cool authentic old school magneto converted engine powerd light system with one gallon tank under frame set up

god i hope this works later
That trailer I picked up on craigslist for 25 bucks? I hauled 6 cases of water in it the other day just to see if it can do it. Once you're at speed,it's all good. You gotta give some distance though when stopping.
made for commuting

Well I commute on mine daily. Once I got caught in the rain, but that was on the way home, so with ridding slowly, and the hot shower at home problem.

I have a rear basket that I welded to a rack that will just fit a bag of groceries. Recently, I carried 27 lbs. of lead in that basket. ( I had an opportunity to cast some lead hammers.) Also I found that having a basket offers the ability to get a gallon of gasoline for my "mix" without needing a car. I have a one pint "jerry can" in a special clip also welded to the side of the basket in case I neglect my fuel level.

Also fixed to the carrier bracket is a small box containing; lock and cable, bunji cords, nitrile gloves, rag, and room left over for any small items I may need to transport. After reading another thread I realize that I need to put together a tool kit for the box.
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