Company called "Lectric" model XP 3.0 bicycle


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1:22 PM
Apr 30, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona
I just thought I'd bring up this particular bike, and see if anyone else knows much about them. The Lectric company is here in Phoenix pretty close to where I live, and I talked to a guy at a grocery store about a year ago about his bike. He was raving about it. I've never cared for electric myself, and am actually really interested in the Stanton GX50 Honda 4 stroke bike kit, for it's simplicity and dependability, but this electric bike is a temptation for sure.



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4:22 PM
Dec 8, 2021
They've been on the scene a while, I see a lot of them on the trail around me, A lower end priced bike with pretty decent quality. The Staton FD's are good as well ( I have a 2 stroke version), the Honda should be very reliable, but they have a small tank, for any type of range you will need more capacity. I use a 2 liter frame mounted tank. You will be able to take the electric more places than the fuel bike like bike trails, they are more tolerated. I use my FD bike as kind of a hybrid, I motor it to the trail, then shut down and pedal. It's all what you plan on using the bike for, I have electrics as well, and they are very convenient.