Compare 2 stroke brands?

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    I'm new to this forum, so my topic has probably been covered before.

    I know that there are several brands of Chinese 2 cycle motor kits. Each dealer on the internet proclaims the virtues of his kit over the competition, and even says that some kits other than his are "Junk".

    I don't have anyone to talk to about it except you guys; and I don't even know anyone who owns a motored bike other than myself. I live in a rural region, and there isn't a dealer for probably a hundred miles or more from here.

    How does one compare those kits for quality and price other than reading dealer hype which may or may not be true? :detective:

    Thank you.

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    I think there's a thread around here somewhere that's titled "rate your vendor" or something like that.

    If you read and read and read some more, then you'll surely get a feel for who has a good reputation and who does not.

    An added benefit is that you will also come across all sorts of bicycle ideas and info that is certain to be usefull to you.

    Myself, I bought two 50 cc two strokes from Thatsdax and I have not been sorry. He also clearly has a good reputation among others here.
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    hi upshifter -------------------- welcome

    I see from the above posts -- you should be on your way for information needed
    there's a lot been said regarding many VENDORS here on site
    take a little time -- should be pretty easy to find the right one or ones

    have fun as you ride that MB THING
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    Yes, I'm getting some good information on this forum; and I'm winging it now because of those excellent sources. Thank you to all.

    Having experience with other things made in China, I noticed that quality control is often lacking in cheaper things. Two items coming from the same factory may show differences in fit and finish. If you look at several items, you can often pick one that's assembled better. This is true with the 4 Chinese motorcycles I bought new and rode. For instance, my friend and I ordered a couple of 200cc, full size, dual sport bikes from the internet. For the price, about $800.00 each with shipping, they were great. (Japanese brands were over $3,000.00) But, mine was not as good as his; cables were routed wrong, bits and pieces were assembled wrong, and it looked like the hardware and other parts were slung together. His bike was fine. I went over mine carefully, and fixed all the stuff and mine was fine too.

    A couple years later, I bought two Chinese 90cc dirt bikes, two years apart. The first one had a faulty carburetor, and that was the only problem I had with it. The second one seemed fine, but after it had a few hours on it, the tires started going flat; because when it was assembled they did not inflate the tires, and then deflate them to get the wrinkles out of the tubes. They aired them up once, and the wrinkles in the tubes made the tubes fail. I replaced both tubes.

    But, every Chinese engine that I've dealt with so far, including a power generator, has been excellent and reliable. In fact, those 90cc bikes that I own are tough as nails. None of them shift quite as nice as a Honda, but other than that no problem.
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    The quality and variance in quality are pretty much the same among all HT engines. Some vendors do a better job in actually opening the box before shipping and ensuring nothing major (such as the guaranteed bent head fins on a BGF engine) is apparent. The more reputable vendors have better customer service and warranties if something is wrong with your engine.

    Bikeberry seems to have the best warranty with Dax a runner up. You can't go wrong with either.
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    i myself have looked at many different companys checked out their products the only thing i have against any of them is nobody is sure of exactly what the motor size is i bought 2 kits from kings motorbikes ive been really happy with the 1 i ride i was told that it was an 80cc engine then there are others who say i was sold a 48cc as an 80cc all i can tell u is i dont care it has all the power i need on a bike frame have a good day
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    All of the kits you see on eBay are pretty much the same quality. Some are painted silver to cover up the rough cast finish, some come with ball bearing chain tensioners. All of them seem to have the "new" style clutch lever and kill switch integrated in the twist throttle. They all seem to have needle bearing top ends too.

    The difference is the customer service and warranty. The more you pay, the better the warranty. This is not because the engines are any better, it is because the distributor is taking the extra money to pay for parts. (which in many cases are just complete engines disassembled and parted out) The ones that charge more an simply afford to send out parts, where the lowest cost distributors don't have that margin and will just replace out of box failures or defects.

    The exception here may be the Grubee Skyhawk and Starfire kits, but they are as rare as hen's teeth. I would love to buy Starfire Gen II kits with cast iron sleeved cylinder and "updated" carbs!
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    The exception here may be the Grubee Skyhawk and Starfire kits, but they are as rare as hen's teeth. I would love to buy a Starfire Gen II kits with cast iron sleeved cylinder and "updated" carbs![/QUOTE]

    Isn't the 2-stroke kit currently being sold by the kit you are speaking of?

  10. arceeguy

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    Those are the "Gen IIa" kits, which have chrome plated cylinders and the familiar NT carbs. The "Gen II" kits have a cast iron cylinder liner and a better carburetor. I don't know of anyone selling them here in the US, and they are EPA compliant.
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    The one I ordered claims to have a steel lined cylinder wall, 45 degree angle fire head, 203 crankcase bearings, needle bearing wrist pin, chrome sprocket, black exhaust system, and improved carburetor design.

    If I don't get what I ordered, they'll have to redefine "Fire Head". :cuss:

    FEDEX is delivering it on the 24th, I can't wait.
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    Thanks to everyone here for all the interesting input. I'm planning on buying another kit, because these kits will not be available at low prices forever; look at the economy and the exchange rate of the dollar.
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    If you ask me, the best 2 strokers of these kind of engines is by far the ones that king's motorbikes used to sell a couple of years ago, that was when the chinese were still trying to impress the vendors to make them sell their engines.
    But, new I have had a very good experience with Dax's engines.
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    Where did you order from?
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    heh...i don't see a big price increase coming. If the economy is bad, money will be if they wanna sell ' see where I'm going here, don't ya? lots of sellers ... lots of competition!

    and...yes. who did you buy from?
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    I might have screwed up, but I bought from Bike motor kits are not sold in Oregon; they can't legally run on the street here.

    Gasbike doesn't offer any warranty, but they sell the kits for $119.00 plus 30 dollars shipping and handling, which seemed fair to me, if they meet the specs. that they advertise. But, I'm a noobie to these kits. They were very prompt, and had my order shipped within a couple of hours, and set me a FedEx tracking number. The initial contact with Gasbike was a guy on the phone that seemed savvy about bikes and motors.

    Another company that I called offered free shipping, but I didn't feel comfortable with the way they talked and how they advertised; so I ordered from GasBike. The other company offered warranties and double talk; and as we all know **** with warranties is still ****.

    What do you think?
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    my friend, called 80cc engine is only 66cc in fact.
    we test our engines in order to get EPA cerificate, and the report said that.
    so remember that if the bore by stroke is 47*40,then the displacement is only 66cc, if the bore by stroke is 45*40, then the displacement is only 61cc.

  18. arceeguy

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    You can peek into the exhaust port, and if the engine has a steel sleeve, you will be able to clearly see it. My guess is that it is the standard chrome plated cylinder and not steel lined. (maybe he meant chrome lined?) $139.95 shipped is a decent price, especially if the service after the sale is good.

    Most consumer grade power equipment run their pistons in a plain aluminum bore, with no hard plating or pressed in liner. So a chrome plated cylinder is much better than bare aluminum! The advantage to a steel liner is that they last a long time. You can easily "freshen up" a well used engine with a new set of rings and a light honing of the steel cylinder. While a plated cylinder may be deglazed with a hone, you always risk having the plating wear too thin and flake off.
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    we have a bunch of Oregon members riding...... do you have a link to your laws?
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    can you give some pictures about the standard chrome plated cylinder and steel lined cylinder ? I want to know their difference.