Comparison of 2 rides - one motorized, one not

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    One day last week I rode my GEBE Tanaka 32cc motorized bike on a 47 mile trip, and the next day I rode my pedal bike on a 46 mile trip with a group of friends. Here is a comparison of the trips.

    The motorized trip was on a hilly rural route. I rode the bike at full throttle whenever possible. On flat straight roads I rode at 30+ mph and my maximum speed downhill was 39 mph. The ride took 1 hour 50 minutes at an average speed of just under 26 mph. I didn't need to stop for a rest so I just rode through. At the end I wasn't tired. It was an easy ride. Yet even with the motor, the bike rides like a bike and feels like a bike. I felts like I just went on a bike ride - an extraordinary bike ride, but a bike ride nevertheless.

    The next day I rode my pedal bike for 46 miles on another hilly route. The group I was with was gung-ho, so I pushed to my maximum capability. I flatter sections I averaged about 15 mph. My maximum speed downhill was 33 mph. Riding time was 3 hours 30 minutes for an average riding speed of 13.2 mph. However, I took two rest stops including one for lunch, so the total trip time was almost 4 hours for an average speed of 11.5 mph including the rest stops. At the end of the ride I was really beat and happy to reach the end.

    Riding the motorized bike was an incredible thrill because it is so fast for a bike! No matter how often I ride it, I never cease to be amazed and delighted at how fast I can ride! It climbs long steep hills like they are not even there! Big hills are no longer something to fear. It covers long distances quickly with little effort. I don't get tired. Riding my motorized bike makes me feel like I am a world champion bike racer. Yes, I know it's the motor, but to me it just feels like I am riding the bike.

    The pedal bike ride was much more effort, much more tiring, and much slower. Yet it has its advantages. There is more comradery from riding with others. It is excellent for exercise and conditioning. It is quieter. And there is a satisfaction from feeling that I did it all using my own body.

    But all in all, my motorized bike is much more fun to ride and I just love riding it!

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    How much do you like your gebe set up ? I have not wanted to make a set up like that due to there odd appearance with the motor on the rear wheel. But most if not all the reviews say the Gebe is pretty much maintenance free once it is installed?

    And one other thing, your in great shape to be able to ride a peddle bike 46 miles at your age,or i should say any age for that matter,most biker riders cant ride even 10 miles without resting alot.
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    Wow, good report and you must be in great shape!
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    Before using my motorized tour bike for the last 3 summers, i used a non-motorized tour bike for the summers of 2006 and 2007. Even travelling for months with a heavy tour bike there are advantages to non-motorized, a lot like: "excellent for exercise and conditioning. It is quieter. And there is a satisfaction from feeling that I did it all using my own body"
    But with a motor, i virtually eliminated the "I want to die" days of severe headwinds uphill all day...........
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    I love the gebe setup. It has been totally reliable. I have ridden it over 3000 miles, and it has never once left me stranded on the road, and it has never once been out-of-service because of a mechanical problem. My feeling is that there is nothing worse than starting on a long ride and worrying that the bike won't get me where I want to go.
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    I've been biking all my life and have pedaled over 50,000 miles.

    But a few months ago, I could not have done the pedal ride that I just described. That decrease in my ability to do hard rides was one of the reasons that I got a motorized bike. Since then I discovered that statin drugs were causing the problem. Doctor took me off them, and I am pedaling much stronger now. Of course, my riding now still can't come close to what I was capable of 30 years ago.
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    That's the truth!

    I love riding my motorized bike. No headwind is too strong! No hill is too big! No distance is too long! No other biker is going to drop me because I can't keep up!