CVT Comparison Of EZ Automatic To RS EHO 35/CVT

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Mike St, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I just came back from a comparison riding comparing my two bikes, the EZ automatic with a 72T rear sprocket, HS 142F and flex exhaust, compared to the RS EHO 35 with CVT. The RS is quicker off the dime and would beat the EZ automatic to 20mph. Both have acceleration but the RS/CVT is quicker. The EZ Automatic has higher top end speed, and it is also much noiser than the little RS EHO 35 with CVT. There also one big difference: I paid about $270 for the Ez Automatic clutch and $65 for the 72T sprocket, and the X2 cvt was only $70. So the CVT is a far better deal, but you have to build it from the gound up. There's no kit. so most people wouldn't choose it, but if you're a builder with some talent, there's tremendous potential with a CVT.
    For greater top end with the RS, I would use a 54T rear drive sprocket on the cvt. The RS bike build is a 24 inch bike. I prefer greater low end speed since I live in the city. Mike S