Compatable Speedometer (Finally)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. I mentioned in my Newbie greeting earlier that I had no luck with 4 different speedometer computers,as all immediately flashed and reset over n over as soon as the motor kicked in. I really believe now that the 'black box' (cdi ?...crt? ...whatever ) is not the problem. I think the imprecise way all the units small batterys fit into thier ringed compartments is the true problem coupled with the fact that all of them have that simple 'snap in' battery cover and the vibrations thru the frame are just too much to keep constant battery contact. Proof of this to me is that the Target bought Schwinn computer with the red trim on 3 sides of the face (a current product at Target,at least here in Ca. $20) uses a much larger lithium battery,about nickel size and best of all it has a large quarter sized THREADED battery cover with a dense rubbery disk that presses against the battery when the cover is screwed down ... I added a second circle of rubber over that one made from an old bike inner tube. Voila ! this worked perfectly over the entire 22 mile trek I rode this morning. Anybody having the same problem I had with resetting computers, this is the one to end your woes.

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    THANK YOU! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
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    Want to save a little money? WalMart sells the same computer for $10.
  4. $10 ?

    Butch you might be right, California is higher in price on everything but $10 seems really cheap ... the one I mean has 17 functions which is the cheapest I've seen when they're that loaded up ... in any case anybody getting one be careful to choose the red trimmed one with the huge screw in battery cover.
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    the computers dont last very long,iv had the same prob with starting and blanking out.i put a clip-on emi filter and it keep,s them working for 400km,im on my 3rd now and always get the warrentied ones so i can return them.
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  7. HI,

    Wow, good thinking...My schwinn unit does reset too...I will try beefing up the battery connection somehow.


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    would not a heaver whizzer cable driven type speedo be the way to go?
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    WHY DONT THINGS JUST WORK DAMMIT?!?! :x :x :x :x :x :x
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    mostly because the bike parts/accessories we use are designed for lower speeds than we generate by motoring our rides :???: don't have to shout, we have all been there :p
  11. Schwinn 12-function Bike Computer Battery Caution

    You need to be careful with stressing the battery compartment too much. I replaced the old battery with a new one of the same voltage that was slightly thicker, hoping it would last longer. It lasted for about 6 months and then broke the LCD display. Adding a layer of rubber might stress the LCD display causing it to break as well.

    I didn't sweat it too much since, as Butch says, these are only $10 at Walmart.

    Good luck!
  12. I'll have to get the bell digital because my schwinn keeps crapping out on me.
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    I found this thread tonight, but yesterday I read another thread about digital speedometers re setting themselves, the fix was in THAT thread. today I went to Radio shack and bought a ferrite filter. It cost five dollars and something. It's a small clip on gizmo with a hole through it.( it's hinged to open the hole) I wound the speedo wire a few times around one side snapped it closed ( I placed it close to the speedo unit ) then replaced the zip ties holding the speedo so they went through the coil I created, so they held both the speedo and the coil/filter. PRESTO! no more problems. Maybe I can post photos later.
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    bike computers

    Well, that's one problem I haven't had yet. Got mine on ebay for like $17.00. (Walmart hadn't opened yet) Thought it was prety chintzy looking thing, but it has been fine so far, even with the constant rain. It froze last night, and this morning I was curious if it would still be working. Had to lick the ice off the display to see it, was still going. :grin: Of course, this is on the e bike. (Now that would make a good photo for the silly pictures thread...tongue stuck to handlebar.) :shock:

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    Though those old school cable-driven speedometers might be reliable they are terribly inaccurate compared to the newer digital units that compute with the exact data of one's actual tire circumference.

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  16. I got a nice 40 mph mechanical speedometer at Ebay. Those electronic ones I simply hated. The mechanical speedometer pretty much guarantees your mileage will be accurate.
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    I completely refuse to have any kind of electronic computer on any vehicle of mine. I saw '2001 A Space Odyssey' I know what can happen if you let a computer take charge ;) :shock:
    Seriously though the only speedos I use on a bike if I must have one is a mechanical speedo that's driven by a cable. They can be found if you look around. Some exercise machines have mechanical speedos that can be used successfully on a bicycle. Exercise machines seem to regularly find their way into the local dump where I live, - and they're a great source of free steel tubing & etc for projects too. :grin:
  18. Whizzer speedo's

    I love the Whizzer speedo's and can reccomend them to anyone! I will install them even on the Model 09 and Model 10. Speed, odometer, and illumanated, what is there not to love?

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    The one at Target for $20 is a different one with more functions than the $10 on at Wally World. Same brand, Schwinn, but less functions (which I never use all the functions anyways).

    BUT, if the Target one works better, then right on, man. I've got the WM one for 10 and am having problems with getting it to stop shorting out. So far I've been tinkering with an EMI filter from Radio Shack, and it helps but still shorts out once and a while (arrgh!).

    Thanks for the info. guys. I especially think there may be something to that battery cover me thinking now!

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    Still trying to get my speedo NOT to luck yet. I even went to Radio Shack to get another EMI filter, but it was a no-go. I'm almost ready to go for the mechanical speedometer that Large Filipino recommends. I might just have to search Ebay tonight.