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    yeah but this "flying bicycle" hasn't much weight to lift since the "rider" was just a plastic dummy. I highly doubt it can be made to lift a 150 lb man on the thing. Nice concept although it would
    probably leave you deaf from all the propeller noise.
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    ive only seen one VTOL design that used the coanda effect to achieve lift.

    it was a design i first concieved when i was 10.

    i gave up after finding it had already been done.

    (hint, stick a sheet of paper in front of an air duct, just under the airflow)

    i cant find much info on it.

    unfortunately, people want to stick with the standard designs of using sheer thrust and engine power to achieve lift.

    helicopters would look strange if they had no rotors at all.

    a flying bicycle is just silly. especially if it need seperate motors! but there has been one succesful human powered aircraft :) required an olympic athlete and was very very flimsy. but was possible :)

    can you imagine trying to get FAA approval? like i said somewhere once, if the FAA had been around kitty hawk early last century, we wouldnt be flying at all! people had BALLS back then. chutzpa!
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    Can you imagine the energy it would take to keep all those props spinning with enough force to lift itself and with say a 200lb person onboard.

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    Think you talk about this.

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    I have to smile at this.

    "5-8 minute flight time"

    But outright busted a gut laughing at what surrounds the rider.


    Nothing like cables around your neck and big propellers where your elbows go ;-}
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    is that a rider or just a dummy to save weight ???

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    A dummy