complete 2 stroke Kits For $180

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  1. 2 STROKE Kits FOR $185

    I Have Both 50CC (49cc)
    AND 80cc ( True displacement is more like 70cc.) I have yet to see A TRUE
    80cc displacment sold stock in any kit.

    Your choice For $185

    There is Also A Limited Edition. Available as well $10 more $195


    . shipping in the USA ONLY.

    I Have been building and repairing Motorcycles for 30 years .6 years ago I started Building Motorized bikes for Boaters. They love them as they are light and small.

    But Now the Gas Price Is getting out of hand EVERYONE wants a motorized Bike.

    There are many great venders In the forum.( actually buying from the same exporter as myself ).

    My location is in Connecticut and I wish not to make any enemies or take food out of mouths of others so I try to keep it local. I keep plenty of extra parts on hand.

    PICKUPS are welcome. ( and cheaper )

    Of couse shipping Anywhere In the USA is extra .On average shipping is usually around $25 UPS USPS .But if you find it cheaper I will honor the difference.

    If you wish to save money Please compare UPS..USPS..FED your home work and find the best price On shipping.
    I don't wish to make money on shipping
    My zip code is 06001.

    Thanks for looking
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  2. I Have received some emails asking if this is a sale .

    No this is the regular Price And yes the kit includes everything you need.


  3. SimpleSimon

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    Just out of curiosity, what are the displacement specs on the "80 cc" engine? I've never seen one that was even close to actually being 80 cc.
  4. Simon.
    Don't feel bad I have yet to see a Actual TRUE 80cc displacement And I have seen Just about every kit out there.
    70 CC would be a more accurate description.

  5. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    cool man its good to see others doing the same price to make evry one go back down in price but please dont say that the kits are the same kits that boygofast use because his are crapachino man and no one likes him but hey keep it up and make some sales

    later turbo of gaijin mb productions

    oh and please dont lie

    im not here to nag just to befreind man
  6. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    oh yeah pics show us some pics

  7. Greetings Turbo.
    I do NOT buy from boygoFast.

    If people bought BoyGofast and are happy then God Bless them.
    Sometimes its all they can afford.
    I wish never to rain on anyone's parade or bad mouth Any Vender or buyer .

    As to pictures Basically the motors look the Same as yours
    Actually The Motors I sell are MOST LIKELY the SAME as yours.
    As requested here is a picture from my vender

    .Yes I do Have the LIMITED edition Motors as well But I only charge extra what my vender has charged me.

    I feel the Kits are getting to expensive So I'm doing my best to offer the kits as Affordable as possible.$185 or the Limited for $195.
    I have a Big feeling prices around here are going to come down REAL soon.
    Price Gauging is Just wrong!

    One thing I learned From doing Business for 20 years ( I'm 40) I have learned that being greedy will kill you early like a Plump Christmas Turkey.

    Turbo Once again

    I would like to Reiterate there is a very high demand For motorized Bike motors at the moment .
    That being said there will be plenty of GOOD venders to choice from.I personally like To deal with locals as selling Just the kits have Minimal monetary ( money ) return .
    But due to my price and Good reputation I have been filling Request to ship out of state.
    Again I never Make Money on Shipping And always honor the cheaper shipping price Found.

    I'm A mechanic and fabricator by trade.
    I Pay the light bills by doing builds,installs And repairs. ( not selling just the kits)

    As to the " Please don't lie " Remark :shock:

    I think it's best if I just left this remark alone.

    With all respect


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  8. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    cool man i see it is the same fom pic and looks then did not mean to afend
    you but good for you well have fun and make sales as said

    and have a nice day
  9. Turbo
    Absolutely No offense Taken.
    Enjoy your day as well


  10. Torques

    Torques Guest

    Do they function? At that price, how many will the customer require a year, 2, 3??
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  11. LOL!!::smile:

    Hi Torques
    Sorry for the low Price ( are you A vender ? )

    I buy in High quantity And make very little on a Kit.
    But if I can make a few $ for simply mailing a box And possibly Land a local install job while making my supplier happy then all is good. It's called good buisness.

    They are Very good Motors, Ask Turbo ( he sells the same motors).

    This is a hobby for me As Fabrication , Building ,repairing and selling Motorcycles is where My bread and butter is.
    I wish to apologies to all the venders For my low price .

    Again I prefer local sales with hopes of a installation But shipping out a box in the mail really is not all that hard .

    I believe in honest work.

    when someone Puts a box with the same or comparable kit in the mail and charges people $70 to $100 profit Just Doesn't seem right.


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  12. Torques

    Torques Guest

    Sorry, I'm not in a very good mood today as usual, good luck to you.
  13. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    well its year one and im still kicking on my motor 8k and no replaceing of any thing not even the cltuch pads for real

  14. Torques .

    Don't feel bad My day could have been better as well.
    I was installing a Barnett clutch in a 1974 shovelhead ( Harley ) I Promised The customer Bike would be ready by the end of the day but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,All replacement parts where not accounted for.
    I had to call around other local shops for favors As I was out ,I lucked out But the stress put a hurtin on me.


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  15. Turbo when you say " 8k " you don't mean 8000 mile on it in one year Correct.

  16. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    8K. Sigh.

    The sign of a true Iron Man. And Watt an engine!
  17. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    yes i mean 8000 and still going and many bumps on butt to prove it

    that is when i whent to big fat man spring seat as some may call


    but yes i have 8000 on my kit and just for the first time busted my bushing

    which messed with the piston so new rings and piston now i have more power and more compresion

  18. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    Front, and rear, shocks would indeed be butt heaven.

    Today, even (gel) seats have shock absorbers.

    Congrats on your 8K landmark, that's coast to coast x2 +, from sea to shining sea, and back, with a little more, to the Bay of Fundy. And back..

    I rode a motorcycle crosscountry one summer, and it was months before my butt spoke to me.

  19. Wow Turbo Very impressive to say the least .

    I feel like A Terd,
    In A Avrage season I put 4000k On my Harley and You doubled that on a moterized bike.


  20. crabdance

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    Hey Bluecollar, I just read your post about the prices of your kits and I say good for you! I know how much the kits cost plus shipping because I have researched selling them myself and you have a great price. You are not making a killing off of a sale but you are making a few bucks. I hope that you can continue selling in that range. If you can you should be able to build you up some business. Anyway... just my 2 cents!