Complete 66cc HT cruiser

When I ordered my engine for my own bike, I accidentally ordered two engines. I didn't want to pay the shipping to return it so I figured I could get someone to pay the $225 for the engine in the box. It had been a month when the itch to use the kit took over. I found an awesome huffy down at the K-mart and had to HT it. I just finished it and man I am almost sad that I really need to get rid of it. The wife already looks at my other road warrior with disdain. It is so much smoother that my other ride. Of course my other ride is a mountain bike and frankly the frame itself would cost me more than the engine kit and bike did combined. But I digress. I am looking for someone in southern CA that is interested in a complete almost never ridden HT cruiser. I'd love to get $400 but we'll see if anyone wants it at any price. Let me know if you're interested. I'm in northern LA county.


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