Complete 70cc Bike - NEW - For Sale - Ready to Ride

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Marktur, May 18, 2008.

  1. Marktur

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    Make me a reasonable offer. I'm motivated!
    I am moving on to scooters. Longer distances, and a little better visibility on the road.

    My bike is in 100% perfect condition again. (I've had a couple of flats, and that's my ONLY complaint.) The bike is a brand new Pacific Kulana Moon Dog beach cruiser. The motor is a 70cc 2-stroke kit with 40 very easy miles on it. It's just now starting to really break in.

    Here's my build thread with pictures:

    Here's my eBay auction - you can see it's pictures there:

    I will sell it for a fair price (and cancel the eBay auction, unless you'd like the extra security of going through eBay and Paypal. I have about $450 into it with the "extras":
    • Dual kickstand from Spooky
    • Schwinn Comfort Seat
    • Schwinn Tire Pump
    • Schwinn Light
    • Schwinn front bag
    • Fix-a-Flat
    • Schwinn Self-sealing tubes
    • Mr. Tuffy tire inserts to prevent punctures
    • Powerking's upgraded clutch/brake lever (not installed yet)
    • Dax's Bearing Chain Tensioner (not installed yet)


    The clutch works beautifully, and the bike will pedal without resistance. The motor starts as soon as you pop the clutch - it's running excellent with 1 gallon through it.

    Make me a reasonable offer. I'm in Boynton Beach, FL 33426 (Central Palm Beach County - 20 miles N of Ft. Lauderdale, 10 miles S of West Palm Beach). You need to pick it up or arrange for shipping.

    I am the owner of a 20 year old, well established business, Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. ( and I have a fantastic reputation as a fair and honest business person, I belong to the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce, and I'm not going anywhere. :)

    Mark Turkel, President and Senior Software Architect
    Palm Beach Software Design
    561.572.0233(Office) 561.248.6974 (Cell)
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  2. Wow. What a deal. Your e-bay link isn't working BTW.

    Go here:

    Then copy and paste 180243961313 on the search.
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  3. Marktur

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    I think I fixed it now. Thanks Large! :)
  4. r5579

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    I could be interested...
    What size is the bike?
    I'm 6'2 and 200 pounds so frame size is important for me.
    I live in Springfield Missouri, 65803. So I couldn't pick it up, would you be willing to ship it from Florida? I don't know how to go about shipping such an item...
  5. Marktur

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    Hi - I am 6'0, 215lbs, and it's quite comfortable to pedal/start/ride. I picked up the bike at Walmart - you can go check one out..but raise the seat appropriately, so that while sitting your knees are slightly bent or straight. Quite roomy.

    As for shipping...not sure how to go about zip is 33437 - you can check with the shipping companies for a quote. I can't believe it weighs more than 50lbs...but I have no idea what it takes to ship it. I've heard of people contacting moving companies to ship items like this, too.

    Hope that helps...sorry I don't know more about shipping, but I will tell you it might be worth it, if you're not up to dealing with a new install and the little kinks and issues -- I've worked them all out at this point - so that may be worth the effort for you for the shipping.

  6. Marktur

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    Does anyone know how/who to ship this bike? Any help is appreciated. :)
  7. Bigwheel

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    I would say that package will weigh well in excess of 50 lbs by the time it is ready to ship. UPS/FED EX/DHL costs are going through the roof and I would say shipping it to MO would run close to $100 if not over for ground. You not only have the weight but also an oversize box. And then you have to find a box and take apart the bike enough to get it in the box and pack it well enough so it won't get trashed during shipping. I hate to say it but you will do the best unloading it locally. Do you have it on Craig's List? I find it the best for local sales activity.

    Good luck!
  8. MasterLink

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    i hate t see you go man !
  9. New Member

    I just gave my king motor bike to my son. Lokking for a new one. I"m on the west coast of FL
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  10. Marktur

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    Looks like it's worth a trip for pickup! I used to travel from my house to Ft. Meyers in about 2 hours on Route 60...

    Please call me if you'd like to discuss.