complete cruiser with nuvinci hub for $399

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  1. vegaspaddy

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    I came across this link in a thread around here and with so much info scattered around i thought i would post it were it could be easily found. This has got to be a decent price the hub itself is around $300.... plus it has a disk brake..

    Complete cruiser bike with nuvinci hub + free shipping + free helmet all for $399........

    If only i had more room (and a fatter bank A/c),

    My final build would be a felt cruiser,honda engine,EZ gearbox, sbp shifter and a nuvinci hub,( or onto some new parts come along!!!) then i could finally call it a day !!!!!

  2. Fabian

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    I've seen this before.
    You guys are so lucky living in America - all the prices are so cheap compared to Australia.

    In Aus, they want $1000 for a Nuvinci hub and the bike store owner was complaining that he should really be selling them for $1200 to make any money on the things.

    We are getting ripped off something shocking in Australia.
    I've already thought if those guys would strip out the Nuvinci hub and shifter mechanism and ship it over here - couldn't be more than $600 or $700 if they were prepared to pull the bike to bits.

  3. vegaspaddy

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    i fell sorry for you guys, since half the junk we experiment with is built in china wtf.....

    aussiesteve was having a hard time just trying to find light bulbs for his project, i dont know what the solution is maybe one of your vendors could team up with one of the many vendors this side of the pacific and twice a year ship a lotttttaaaaa stuff down under for you guys !!!!!!
  4. Fabian

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    That's quite sound logic vegaspaddy.

    It's a win-win situation.
    We get reasonably priced parts and the vendor makes a bulk sale, along with the profit that would be attached to such a sale.

    Another example of prices in Australia.
    I fly radio controlled helicopters (the big stuff - 50 and 90 size) and i went into a hobby shop and asked for prices on certain parts, one of which was $22.
    After looking around on the net, i came accross a site selling genuine parts from Hong Kong.
    They wanted $6.25 for the exact same branded OEM part and 4.85 for the unbranded OEM part and $3.40 for a Chinese knock-off.
    The site listed free shipping and 10% off the listed price if purchasing more than $500, 15% off if purchasing $1000 and 20% off if purchasing $2000 or more, in parts assortments.

    It doesn't matter what you say to the hobby shop owners, they are always complaining that they're poverty stricken paupers - i call it a lot of BS as they could be importing these parts direct from Hong Kong, Singapore or Chinese exporters.
    I wouldn't mind betting that it's exactly what some of them do, yet they charge their customers like wounded bulls and then bitterly complain when those customers place a purchase order from an internet website.

    In saying, we get ripped off something shocking in Australia

  5. loquin

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    what kind of tariffs are being accessed at customs, I wonder?
  6. give me vtec

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    man that sucks... I only paid $300 for mine.
  7. NoPed

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    Dude! looks like they are still available! and just as i was having my local man shoot me a price on a nuvinci wheel. The bike frame is all aluminum though; can we live with that?
  8. vegaspaddy

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    Aluminum is fine... the rear might need beefing up abit because of an engine, but even just using the bike for parts its still a steal. Maybe in a couple of months (might still have them might not ) i will part with some $$$ were i am going to put it. thats another matter entirely.
  9. NoPed

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    Okay, awesome. I just sent them an email asking about the rear axle(sbp says in needs to be made of cromoly cause regular steel will bend( sbp also says the there kit will work if the axle is a "quick release" whatever that is. I asked about the seat post diameter and whether it had a three piece crank, as per sbp.
    I wonder if the other shift kit vendors have these requirements?
    I hope the bike works out. May have to settle for the stage III gearbox to make the sbp kit work. On the Staton site there a too few examples of an center frame setup; if they could tell me for sure that it all would fit, i think i'd get theirs cause the gearbox is hard to beat.
    I really want that Caddy to work out or i may just give up and buy a friction mount!
    Any and all advice,etc. welcome please.
  10. vegaspaddy

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    hi NOPED,

    check out the builds that have been done on here with nuvinci hubs already this will help you with some basic questions.

    Quick release stands for the type of axle the hub of the wheel is mounted too. A solid axle is just a piece of threaded metal and has bolts on either end which you tighten to the dropouts. A quick release is a lot different in that it uses allot smaller axle and is tightened on one side with a simple lever.

    Axles are an easy swap out for your local bike shop but it might be a different story on the nuvinci hub.

    SBP i think is working with Q matic, so there drive that could be another choice, and if you hadn't spotted before staton has some chain drives mounted on the exact same bike.

    Snow pics.
  11. vegaspaddy

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    OK, just visited the SBP site was wondering why they stressed quick release,

    requirements page.

    5. have a chromoly or quick release rear axle, standard steel axles will bend

    i should think with the nuvinci hub already mounted on the axle and the amount of extra weight it carries it probably is chromoly, i dont think the addition of the shift kit would be a problem.

    But its always best to check to make sure, check out the nuvinci builds.... not sur wether you will get too many answers from the dealer but you never know !!!!
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  12. NoPed

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    i didn't notice the Cadillac on the staton gallery till you pointed it out. i was more focused on the fact that almost all their pics show rear or axle mounts. the guy on the phone did not act very confidant as to their rig being able to mount in center frame. Sick has it all figured out for the four stroke. Now one user told me he was not sure if the sbp would work with the g4 so i'll just have to ask and, as you say, about the q matic as well. Is the standard skyhawk III gb working ok for everyone? maybe i'd settle for it. just pondering. I'm off to check out the nuvinci threads.
    Thank you and please feel free to offer me any and all advice, etc.
  13. NoPed

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    Things that make me go hmmmmm; yeah, what would "quick release" have to do with the material the axle is made of? and i asked cadillac about the seat post dia., got that, but what does sbp mean by down tube "width"?

    i think i'm off to the land of motored bike dreams; it's pertnear midnight!

    i want to chat more later, okay?
  14. vegaspaddy

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    down tube width is the width of the pipe that comes from the steering stem (front) and attachs at bottom bracket (rear), they usual need to know the diameter because some part of their kit might attach there.

    3 tubes on bike

    top tube - sling your leg over
    down tube- the tube under the top tube (most bikes looks like its 45" degrees)
    seat tube- speaks for itself.
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  15. NoPed

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    It was just ***** that when ordering, they ask for seat tube "diameter" and under that they ask for the down tube "width".
    This is fine cause as long as they remain reputable as shift kit makers, i don't care if they call a horse a mule!
  16. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    they just wanted to make sure you have the right size before you order.

    BY the time most people order the shifter kit they have there bike on hand, so it is an easy question, they are allowing for the standard size tubing, but also can make allowances when ordering if you have an oversized tubing frame.

    Some of the newer mtb bikes have crazy size tubing all over the place, so in the end they are just looking out for you, nothing worse than parts showing up and not fitting, thats the sign of a good dealer making sure you get the right parts the first time......
  17. SimpleSimon

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    Not too mention, there are a whole lot of bikes out there with oval cross-section tubing, especially in the down tube. Needless too say, an oval cross-section tube can be a real problem with bolt on engine mounts.
  18. azbill

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    BTW any place that sells a shift kit that is not SBP's...
    is selling a cheap chinese made rip-off

    better to feed Bubba, than Hop-sing IMHO