Complete Honda GHX50 Kit

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by jtmiyake, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. jtmiyake

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    Is there any vendors selling a complete and reliable Honda GHX50 Kit? After reading other posts, it seems there are bits and pieces put together with some troubles to boot. Looking for a complete kit.


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    Go to
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  4. gxh50 kit

    go to I purchased a kit from them 2 years ago. Still works great. The directions for building the rack are to be desired, but the motor and gearbox portion are solid.
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    Check out Dimension Edge.
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    Rethinking this now. Forgot that I'm going to be into it close to $500. Plus reading the forums seems there are problems with the drive systems. Forgot to mention that I'm wanting v-frame mount, not rear rack mount.
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    Just google or use the vendor list to the left theres alot of those kits out there w/hs engine and no where near $500.
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    You asked for a kit that comes with the Honda Motor and to the best of my knowledge is the only vendor offering a frame mount kit that comes with the Honda Motor. There are several vendors that offer kits with the HS Clone motor but most of those come with the Hoot Gearbox and I'd stay away from them no matter what they cost cause you will be replacing the gearbox very soon after you get your bike up and running. Several people have recommended Staton Inc kits and they are first rate, quality kits but they don't offer a frame mount kit. You could put together a system that would frame mount using either their 18.75:1 gearbox or there new 5:1 gearbox but I know from experience that putting together custom drivtrains gets expensive very quickly. Probably the best value in reliability in a for stroke frame mount kit is the EZM and they are more expensive than the bicycle-engines kit and comes with the clone motor. They may offer the Honda as an option but it will add another $130.00+- to the $650.00+- current cost of the kit with the HS clone motor. There are some other members here who are building drive systems for the 4-stroke Honda and clone motors. Firebelly cycles is one of these but I believe he is months away from having a kit available for sale.

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    You ain't going to get a Caddy for the price of Chevy.
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    LOL.... guess I'm just a Toyota guy.... Staying 2-stroke for now till I do my dream build. Just want to get back up and running again now that the weather is getting nice. Placed my order for a SkyHawk from Spooky Tooth.
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    hi everyone, do you know where to buy the new ghx50 one? I would like to have a new one, and how to put it on my bike, i was a new membership that why i don't know where to post the new post