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    I've done a little research but i don't know a lot about motorized bicycles. so forgive me if i am lacking important details and don't know the terminology. i saw a bike for sale and called the number to get the details....its a 26 inch mountain bike with a gas engine mounted above the rear tire. supposedly it does 30-35 mph, i'm not 100 percent but i think it was around 50 cc... with a separate 2 liter gas cell and i believe there is a tank on the engine too. the guy said something about a centripetal clutch or something i don't know what that is. anyways to make a long story short he wants 400 and i think i can haggle him down to 300-350, sound reasonable/ good deal?

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    Welcome to the forum. Friction mount motors, like you are considering, are mechanically simple and work fine for short trips. They will cause very rapid tire wear on longer rides.
    Do a lot of looking in the photo gallery before you decide what kind of kit you like (friction, chain drive, belt drive, frame mount, rack mount, etc).
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    yeah the guy did say it wears out back tires frequently. just curious what a short trip in mileage is...5 miles one way? i have no idea