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  1. highrub

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    Good day y'all.

    Pretty new to this just got a Brand new Skulls x Bones beach cruiser from Huntington Beach Bicycle Company. I'm super interested in putting a motor on it. In search of advice on where I should start. I'm from the Bay Area. If anyone could please point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated! Hope to hear from y'all soon, Thanks in advance!


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  2. grinningremlin

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    Welcome aboard.First things first, you NEED a handbrake on an MAB, Bendix won't cut it, you really should have both front and back handbrakes, but a front will suffice.Second you need to figure out what you want, function/looks and base your purchase from those priorities.If cash isn't too tight ( I know, I know) I would suggest a GEBE with the 11 tooth gear, with a RS EH035 or Honda GX35.This is a rack mount set up that keeps your bike looking like a bike and keeps the ability to pedal like a bike.GEBE's won't let you down, but the up front cost is big.With cheaper set ups, you'll be tinkering a lot an probably end up eventually spending as much as you would've on a GEBE (break downs, things falling off ) which isn't that big a deal as long as you're not going for distance riding.Once you've made your purchase and mounted it, my last suggestion is to tighten things like your fenders and chain guard, then put a little dollop of Shoe-Goo (or Goop, nail polish,... something) that semi glues the mounting screws in place, just enough to where they will turn off with a screwdriver (don't fill the slots).A bike with a engine can also be called a vibro machine, and will back out nuts and screws, and you won't find out till it's too late.
    Good luck,
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  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Welcome to the club.

    The cheapest and quite reliable engine drive for newbies is friction drive.

    Easy install, then gas and go. Buy a used setup to keep costs down.

    Only down side is you'll be replacing that rear tire often. Friction drive scrapes the tread off, literally.

    It's a good way to get your feet wet.

    Yes, get better brakes. A front disc brake would be perfect.

    You'll be going over 30mph on flat ground with the right engine.

    Good luck.
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  4. highrub

    highrub New Member

    Thanks to both of you guys for replying, if anyone else on here has some words of wisdom to share please do!
  5. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    If you want a more motorcycle look EZ Motorbikes sells really good kits. KC Vale of KC Kruisers can also hook you up with a good setup.
  6. hmbab2000

    hmbab2000 Member

    I just jumped in too!
    I'm in Santa Clara.
    I have just completed building a "China girl" kit.
    Bought from San Jose seller.
    Installed myself, works.

    I will confirm that the learning curve has just begun!
    Lots of fun though!
    Here is my build...
  7. highrub

    highrub New Member

    anyone recommend any of these engine kits for a first time build to get my bike up and running before upgrading motors? ( if so what are the differences between the kids that are 149?

    Also, any recommendations on where to purchase hand breaks for my bike? Still clueless & i've been browsing a bit more dept (probably not looking hard enough) or could be that I lack knowledge in this field.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Well, for ordinary bike parts, such as brakes and levers, is a good place to look. I buy parts from them fairly often and I've always been satisfied.
  9. mrdylanspencer

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    The best looking set up for a beginner is called a happytime kit. here is one i just ordered. ....... Grubee is the best brand for these kits and the seller in the link has great support. i just ordered one and i asked them to include a special mount for the frame of my bike. they included one free. They are easy to instal and maintain as long as you like to tinker. If you dont mind looks, use a friction drive. the cheapest possible setup is a weed wacker engine with a bike peg attached. all this requires is a simple bracket with a spring of some sort.
  10. hmbab2000

    hmbab2000 Member

    After i bought my kit, here locally, i also saw that website you linked.
    It looks like the exact same kit i bought.

    Since building mine, tinkering a bit, and reading a lot.
    That kit would have saved me $100!
    Most of what I'm reading on this forum sounds the same.
    These "kits" can be hit or miss.

    I can't regret, mine is cruising!
    I will just order two and put them under the bed.
    One in case the other is no good...

    Have you had a chance to read my thread?
    I am still on the learning curve, but it might help to read some of my hurdles.
    This thing is so much fun, i wish had moire use for it!
    Good luck!

  11. highrub

    highrub New Member

    thanks man seems like that link you sent me doesn't ship their motors out to california =/
  12. highrub

    highrub New Member

    Thanks for the advice. The black motor looks nice on your bike! Yeah, I guess with these kits you can either go bad or go good. I'm going to take a risk and buy one sometime next week. I will continue to update my post with my build. Thanks y'all

  13. hmbab2000

    hmbab2000 Member

    Are you going to purchase one from the website?
    I'll be watching your progress!
    I'm going to make a second bike soon, she needs one to ride.
    Planning and thinking already...
  14. highrub

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    SUPER LAGGING on my bike, the decisions on where to start... Do I only need front brakes? and I am looking at bikeberry to purchase the motor kit specifically the flying horseblack angle, I really want to get a kit with everything blacked out including the muffler. any more recommendations? i'm stuck...
  15. highrub

    highrub New Member

    I finally have money in hand, so I will be able to purchase I just need a lot of help and guidance on what to buy for my bike since i'm missing a whole lot.