My engine has lost compression. Has spark. The bolts to the cylinder are now loose as well. What do i need to do?
that's a pretty sketchy opinion based on what you did say:

remove the headbolt nuts, make sure the headbolts are fully seated in block, retighten the nuts.

if this is the only problem, it should start and run again.

if/when you get it running, check gaskets and replace if needed.

good luck...welcome to MBc.
Here is what happened. I was coming home from the grocery store and in the neighborhood when the motor lost compression. I changed the top gasket out and the bottom gasket out. As I was putting everything back together the 2 bolts striped out on me. What can I do to fix the bolts or do I need to replace them?

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I just lost compression on my 80CC

I resealed and retorqued the head bolts and still no compression. I think the bottom gasket of the cylinder is shot. What do I need to do to get at that gasket? Anybody?
take your carb off pull your spark plug, exhaust, then pull all 4 head bolts pull your head and head gasket off then tap your block (jug) with a peice of wood and itll come loose! lift it up and replace the gasket I use gasket material sheets from our true value marina.
the stock wardware should be replaced with stronger american hardware. use locktite on studs and blue on nuts.