Conditional GPS and Speed Tracking

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by WisdomWarlord, Apr 10, 2012.

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    I want to be able to somehow independently monitor both speed and location under 2 conditions. Human power, and Engine power. In a perfect world, I could get readings for distance, average speed, and GPS location under each power source, as well as totals for both combined, without the other skewing the results. As an example:
    If I travel at 15mph for one hour pedaling, then switch to the engine and ride for an hour at 30mph, my total average speed is 22.5 mph. I want to also see that my pedal average speed was 15mph and that my motored average speed was 30mph.
    Any ideas? Suggestions? Brainstorms?


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    There's a couple of apps for an iphone/android smartphone that might get you headed in the right direction. MapMyRide is one, Move! Bike Computer is another, and there are several more that might work. You would probably start a route, then, when you switch from motor to pedaling, stop/upload the first route, then start a second route (manually.) And so on. They use the built-in GPS on the smart phone.
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    Another app is All Sport GPS by Trimble. It has all different types of activities you can select from and then it will record all the data while you are doing that activity. It also overlays your trip into google maps straight on your phone.

    Not exactly a solution to your problem though as you would have to stop recording, switch modes and start a new recording instance as you switch between human power and motor power.