Confused in Michigan ?

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    Hi there. I went to the S.O.S. just the other day and I spoke with the guy in charge of that particular office...I aksed about a moped sticker for my bike and he said and I quote "The Secretary of State of the state of Michigan does not regulate "Motorized Bicycles" and that I should contact a Michigan state police officer and ask him what to do....I then asked him what if I get pulled over? What is going to happen? He said and I quote again " I guess it's up to the officer that pulls you over"... This is totally INSANE !!!! whats the truth here ? Can it be that wide open that a cop can instatly dictate law and write me a ticket???? Any help would be cool....

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    No policeman can dictate what the law is and no bureaucrat has a corner on registration issues. Try another SOS office.
  3. Mountainman

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    yes -- most states have a main office
    here in Calif it takes about 5 min on phone to get through
    explain exactly to them what you have in the way of a motorized bicycle
    they should be able to help you
    with (((should))) being the key work

    in your state DMV book regarding motorcycles -- does it not mention motorized bicycles ??

    as we ride those things
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    Here's my interpretation;

    The Sec of State guy was telling you that they have no way of registering this bike. (easy to believe)

    A cop might decide that you are riding an illegal moped and ticket you. The good news is that it doesn't seem to happen very often. You'll have no choice but to challenge the ticket and argue before the judge that this is nothing more than a bicycle. You might even win.

    I wouldn't even bother asking the police. I'd give 100 to 1 odds that their answer will be "no".
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    some of those DMV sites are confusing to me
    but just for the heck of it I went to your site -- Michigan DMV
    didn't stay there very long -- question -- have you been there ?

    I did find out that a motor cycle in your state is

    more than 2.0 HP and goes greater than 30 MPH

    so what do they call someTHING less than that ? a motorized bicycle ??

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    According to the accounts I've seen here ans elsewhere, many people have gotten their "moped" sticker in Michigan. If you can get it, ends the hassles, like I said, try another SOS office.

    I used to run a used car lot in GR- the variations between the SOS offices was amazing.
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    O.K. there are some pretty suggestions and I'll be sure to check them out....Going to the SOS is always such a pain in the a** but I guess its worth not getting a ticket or several of them for that matter...Thanks alot everybody....I would think that the East Lansing office would know because there is a huge number of mopeds on the campus of MSU and the police and parking nazi's do check them for tags all the time !
  8. Mountainman

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    not mopeds

    not mopeds though
    I wouldn't want to compare in any way to a moped
    that would require almost everyTHING in the way of
    lights, horn, tags on plate -- on and on

    hopefully you can get someone to realize that you have a

    motorized bicycle -- to be treated as a bicycle...

  9. HoughMade

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    Won't work. In Michigan, if it has an engine, it must be registered. As I said, many MBers in Michigan have gotten the moped sticker- not a problem. Not all states require full lights, etc. to register as a moped.
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    here in Texas bikes under 50cc are Legal
    But Local Law enforcement has the right to say " not in my town "
    So why do we even need state goverment ????
    But the LEO's around dont hassle M/B riders becuse there is I think 3 in my area .
    and they dont see responsible riders as a problem.
    I think maybe if there were 300 riders than it might be a different story.
  11. jared8783

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    Your mb by law would be defined as a moped.
    According to michigan it must have 2-3 wheels and be DESIGNED to do 30mph or less.
    Don't tell them that you have a motorized bicycle. Tell them you have a home built moped.

    It must also have a VIN number which according to the law simply must be permanently affixed to the frame. Mabye the serial number would qualify? If not I don't know how but there are ways of obtaining VIN for home built vehicles. If you were prohibited from building you own vehicle that would be an outrage.

    Check this out. It should help.

    And here is the law in black and white.

    Long story short it may be a pain in the but but no matter what any ignorant government offical tells you this CAN be made legal.
  12. crlefley

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    Michigan laws?

    Well lucky for you, I actully got pulled over two days ago.

    I turned onto a street and took my place on the shoulder, and when I looked back, the red and blues were flashin.

    He told me "nice job trying to turn it off when you saw me".

    He was on a motorcycle, and said that legally it's considered a "modified bicycle" not a "motor assisted bicycle" and that of didn't need to be registered.

    He said he pulled me over because I had no helmet on. (I'm under 18)

    He said, "if you follow the laws that any biker riding on the road has to follow (hand turn signals and other stuff) that nobody will bother you. "

    So keep that helmet on and you'll be fine.

  13. sourapplesfarm

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    Laws in Michigan

    Hi Red Piper. I also live in Michigan and was told pretty much the same thing at the S.O.S. They seemed really determined to not want to license my mb. I was told that I don't have a moped so I cannot license it as such. I then asked a State Trooper what he would do if he saw me going down the road on my mb. He asked how many cc's it was and of course I said 49, and he just giggled and said all he would do is think there goes a guy trying to save some money on gas. He wasn't sure if there was anything illegal or not. He did say that there are jerks out there that are going to pull you over. My plan is to ride safe, don't do anything stupid, and try to stay under the radar.
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    Since laws are prohibitive and not permissive anything not specifically prohibited is legal. I think you could argue that since you can't register a motorized bike as a moped, it is not a moped. If it was a moped you would be allowed to register it as such. Consequently, by the state's actions i.,e not recognizing a motorized bike as a moped and it is not specifically prohibited, it is legal.
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  15. HoughMade

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    Oh boy. I will love to see the outcome of that argument in court.
  16. mac66

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    Ha, I am not saying you would win but that is the tact your lawyer would take. The other thing would be to try it out on the cop who stopped you.

    You could always say "officer, I read the moped law, I even went to the secretary of state office and called the state police to try and license it. They said they can't license my bicycle as a moped because it is a bicycle. Instead of writing me a ticket and make me prove my bike is bike in court, why don't you go back to the station and check around first. You can always find me if it turns out that there is some law prohibiting a bike from having a motor on it. If that turns out to be the case I would be happy to comply with it. In fact, can I call you at the station in a couple days to see what you found out?"

    The point is that you don't want to come off as some street corner lawyer. You want to come off as a conscientious citizen who is trying to do the right thing and is trying to save money on gas, but is exasperated by the ambiguous laws.
  17. TheColbyJack

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    I live in GR, Michigan.

    Got pulled over a few weeks ago by the GRPD and was told I needed to register the bike as a moped. The officer knew what he was talking about. He assured me he's seen them before, and they are street legal as long as they've got a moped sticker on them.

    The SOS agrees - as long as you have a headlight, you're golden.
  18. machiasmort

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    He's basically in the same boat I am. NY is even tougher. They have provisions for class C moped here. Short of lieing on the forms (buying a class C) and saying I modified it. I can't get my bike registered.

    I'm wondering whats the worst I can be charged with? Insurance is not required for class C, I don't believe?

    Unregistered MV?
  19. machiasmort

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    Guide to Limited-use Motorcycle Requirements
    Class Determined by Range of Top Speed
    A Over 30 mph to 40 mph
    B Over 20 mph to 30 mph
    C 20 mph or less
    License/Permit Required Class M/MJ 1 Any Class 1 Any Class 1
    Registration Required? YES YES YES
    Headlight on When Operating? YES YES YES
    Helmet and Eye Protection Required? YES YES Recommended
    May Operate On Any Traffic Lane Right-hand Lane or Shoulder Only 2 Right-hand Lane or Shoulder Only 2
    Insurance Required? YES YES Recommended 3
    Inspection Required? YES Recommended Recommended
    Title Required? NO NO NO
    Learner permit restrictions apply to all permit classes. Junior operator restrictions apply to class DJ and MJ permits and driver licenses. See Learner Permits and Junior Licenses.
    Except when making a left turn.
    Class C moped used in a rental business must be insured.
  20. machiasmort

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    A good friend of mine is a retired cop here in NY.

    After pleading w/me not to ride my bike, I explained again, the 3rd time...

    I could pedal normal w/motor running. The motor powers the lights! This time I think he realized what I was saying. He laughed and shook his head. I didn't know you could pedal w/motor running.

    Curse the thought, I just wonder what they could conjure up, charge wise?