Confused now on engine geometry

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    I watched freds video on engine configuration and he states that zl rod is a 40mm stroke. Then I read Ozarks "technically speaking " and they state the zl rod is a 38mm. Then I went to order a new piston and everywhere I look they call the piston with the lower pin hole piston b, Although fred calls that piston a. Who's right? My engine has the zl rod and I use the piston with the lower hole. If my rod is a 40mm using the lower holed piston I'm sure I would be hitting the head. Soo confused .
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  2. Look.for. engine manual is the typical China Girl? Try going off of that some people call things what they call them. Remember we're not all certified year was just tinkering and having fun and sharing our knowledge the best we can.
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    All I'm trying to do is order a new cylinder and crank. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you
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    I understand that this is a collective hobby and nobody has all the answers. I need to be clear that I'm not complaining. Fred makes the heads that so many of use and knows these engines inside and out. On the other hand ozark is a reputable company and wouldn't make a spec list for people to refer to if they didn't know what they were talking about. As for me, I am somewhat new to this and still very much learning. I have no manual to refer to because the engine I've been using and modifying was was given to me. my question is, does anyone know if the zl rod is a 38 or a 40mm ? I need to buy a new cylinder and crankshaft and the stroke is a critical piece of info. I wish I would have measured the last time I had it apart. It is my understanding that depending on the engine either piston can be used with that rod. knowing what stroke the rod is will also help me identity my engine.
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    order from a place that has a pic of the measurement, so you can order whichever name they call it that matches your piston - mzmiami is one place